St Peter to be given runaround

Mike Reid is dead.

The obituaries say he appeared in Doctor Who. Unless he was one of the dancers in Masque of Mandragora I guess that means Dimensions in Time is canon.  

Light blue touch paper.  Retire appropriate number of yards.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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12 Responses to St Peter to be given runaround

  1. davidbrider says:

    He was, IIRC, a soldier in The War Machines, and a Thal in the first Peter Cushing movie which doesn’t count because it’s even less canon than Dimensions in Time *ahem*.
    Yeah, despite everything else he’s done, the first thing that I thought of when I heard the news was Runaround. Someone on my Flist said they grew up watching him playing Frank Butcher. Which made me feel bl**dy old…

    • Thanks David.
      I’d checked the BBC website classic series episode guide and he’s only listed for DiT. There’s also a Michael Reid for Masque. Must get out the old War Machines video for another view 😉

  2. All Frank Carson’s friends are dead. Maybe. “There’s more, there’s more!”

  3. ravensthorpe says:

    I grew up watching him on The Comedians. Wallorp!

  4. michaelkeane says:

    “What do you think I am, some kind of pilchard?”
    Ahh, those were the days…

  5. lonemagpie says:

    He had a bit part in The War Machines

  6. surliminal says:

    I felt really sad about this! EE I’m afraid..

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