Real fake television shows and the fiendish plot of Peter Allis

I understand that there is concern about fake television shows.  

Last week Gordon Ramsay was criticised for not catching a fish (I’ve not caught a fish either but have thus far escaped censure from the tabloid press) this week Bear Grills (a man named after what he eats during the filming of his programme) has been criticised for not living in the wild while filming his show “Born Survivor”  and occasionally going to hotels.  Additionally, some of the things he does have been tested by a crew in advance to make sure he doesn’t die or look too stupid.  

Well, there you go.  Who’d have thought that some stuff on the telly wasn’t real?  The next thing they’ll be telling me that The Roly Mo Show isn’t a fly on the wall documentary about a psychedic mole whose best friend is a blue frog and who lives in a library, receives regular visits from his two tone pink mole niece and shares his abode with two dancing mice; that Eastenders isn’t some sort of promotional work by The Samaritans to make us all feel a bit better about our lives; and that Doctor Who is made up and that people can’t really glow and float when you chant their name into a mobile phone network.

PS I watched the golf listening to the radio commentary so I didn’t have to endure Peter Allis and his view of humanity (I turned off when he seemed to refer to KJ Choi on Saturday as inscrutable but that may just have been my imagination).  After quite an exciting afternoon as players hit disaster on the burns around the course, quote of the week came from Patrick Harrington who as the end credits rolled asked his father if he could keep ladybirds in the claret jug.

Coming soon – Goldenballs – a critical analysis

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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1 Response to Real fake television shows and the fiendish plot of Peter Allis

  1. brooschlee says:

    I caught an ‘episode’ of Goldenballs myself recently and wondered at what point someone lept to their feet and said ‘Hey! If Endemol can make the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics into a gameshow, then why not the Prisoners Dilemma?’
    Sadly I was appalled at the ep I saw, where the guy stole all the money from the poor police officer women – how some people can steal £9000 from another person, boldfaced on television and be smug about it suggests a damning state of affairs for our culture.
    But I think it’s a good idea, because if we can weed out the lying, theiving bastards through a gameshow, it’ll take less effort for the police to catch them.
    Don’t you think?

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