I expect to somebody of limited intelligence I would look like Barry from Chucklevision

Every now and again you a regional news story appears that deserves wider attention.  Today, from BBC Wales “CHucklevision row teacher cleared”.

Selected extracts:

“A supply teacher has been cleared of hitting a 13-year-old boy who teased him about looking like a character from the Chuckle Brothers’ TV show. Jonathan Burrett, 41, from Newport, had denied attacking the boy after he sung the Chucklevision theme tune in class. Mr Burrett told Cardiff Crown Court he was used to being compared to Barry Chuckle but it had not been a problem.”

 “The court had previously heard that the boy had been singing or humming the theme tune to Chucklevision during a sewing lesson”

“Mr Burrett was alleged to have asked the boy to stop singing before hitting him four times to the back and grabbing him by the shirt. However, Mr Burrett maintained that he had patted the boy in a “friendly and gentle way”.  He had told the jury he had spoken “quietly”, put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and his chair, to try to place it on the floor because he had been tilting back on it.  Mr Burrett had also denied being angered by the Chuckle Brother jibe, explaining that other children had previously made the same comparison but he would defuse the situation with humour. He told the court: “I did have a large moustache at the time. I expect to somebody of limited intelligence I would look like Barry from Chucklevision.” “

FOr the avoidance of doubt the Chuckle Brothers are

and not


(and is it just me or does our new foreign secretary resemble Tim “C’mon TIm” Henman.  When Prudence appointed him I had visions of young Dave “C’mon Dave” Miliband clenching his fist ineffectually and now can take nothing he says seriously?)

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