The Glasgow airport attack

Apparently, according to every newspaper I’ve seen this morning the mastermind behind the car bomb campaign was a neuro-surgeon working in the NHS.  I’m not sure which is more worrying: that doctors are involved in these outrages (and is there anything about this in the Hippocratic Oath?)  or that the quality of research and planning involved suggests that the NHS is in a poorer state than any of us imagined.

PS via

the John Smeaton tribute website.  I spent half an hour reading the commentson this last night.  There was some hilarious stuff in the comments.  Does anyone know if the great man’s comments (he wis lying on the ground covered in flames so a tried tae get the boot in; or comparing the cannisters in the back of the jeep to his own experiences of throwing cans of lit cans of Lynx deodorant onto a bonfire) were covered in the US other than on CNN?  I’m hoping he makes an appearance on The Daily Show.


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