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Lucretian pleasure

I don’t drive, but those who do might find a certain pleasure in this.

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Legal recipes – golf, banks and the law

How to bake the perfect court case? Ingredients One senior banker in a multi-national banking companyGolfAllegations of cheating by said banker during a matchplay tournament involving marking his ball in the wroing placeAllegations of similar conduct some years before on … Continue reading

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The man in this video was the most powerful man in US politics

Dear readers, some months after the rest of the interweb has found it, I present Karl Rove.

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Tonight on The Daily Show on More 4 – Alastair Campbell

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Obituary news (again)

You know what they say: things come in threes.  Three cultural behemoths: Mike Reid; Ingmar Bergman; and now Phil Drabble, the man that brought new meaning to the expression “A good shed”.

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The ages of M(cEw)an

Does anyone else remember when sexual problems in Ian McEwan’s fiction involved fancying your sister rather than the traumas of experiencing premature ejaculation?  And is On Chesil Beach a subtle metaphor for his relationship with long-standing readers?  Because I too am … Continue reading

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Obituary news


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St Peter to be given runaround

Mike Reid is dead. The obituaries say he appeared in Doctor Who. Unless he was one of the dancers in Masque of Mandragora I guess that means Dimensions in Time is canon.   Light blue touch paper.  Retire appropriate number of … Continue reading

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My day in court

Some years ago I was called as a Crown witness in a case involving the man in this article.  When initally questioned by the police I explained that I wasn’t sure if I could identify the individual and if I could was … Continue reading

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Today’s health and safety news

A tall and heavy Falkirk man missed his own funeral service because he was being buried at the time for what the council called health and safety reasons.  

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Thoughts and questions on Golden Balls – part 1

So Golden Balls (available via internet streaming for some viewers through here) 1.  In the introductory sequence when we meet the contestants, why does Jasper Carrott laugh at the unemployed in a manner not seen on television since the heyday of … Continue reading

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What I did on my holidays

Among other things, I went here and here and stayed here

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Sub-editing is an honourable profession

Sometimes the story you come up with for a headline present on the BBC newspage greatly exceeds the reality – sadly true in the case of “Police seek jockey impersonator” which sadly isn’t about a jockey entering races and being really … Continue reading

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(c) Bruce Morton

I went to the barber today and asked for highlights.   He showed me action replays of previous haircuts.

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Real fake television shows and the fiendish plot of Peter Allis

I understand that there is concern about fake television shows.   Last week Gordon Ramsay was criticised for not catching a fish (I’ve not caught a fish either but have thus far escaped censure from the tabloid press) this week Bear … Continue reading

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I expect to somebody of limited intelligence I would look like Barry from Chucklevision

Every now and again you a regional news story appears that deserves wider attention.  Today, from BBC Wales “CHucklevision row teacher cleared”.Selected extracts: “A supply teacher has been cleared of hitting a 13-year-old boy who teased him about looking like … Continue reading

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Normal service to resume

I have been on holiday for the past week and a half, having limited net access during the period.  Normal service will resume soon but I note that I have missed: the lawyer that is the Scottish justice minister claiming … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – the condensed version

Via the Behind the sofa blog Doctor Who – the RTD years (condensed)

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Glowing and floating Gordon Brown watch

Did you see?  He sort of went a bit orangey – but that may have been the atmospherics impacting on my TV reception.   Same time again next week?

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Fan dancing

Following the successful Blue Peter prize winning creation of the Absorbaloff and the acting performance of the small child in Utopia the BBC have decided to reward older fans with opportunities to enter the world of Doctor Who.   I can exclusively … Continue reading

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