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Send me your top Queen Mum jokes

For the connoisseur of the tasteless Queen Mum story Trevor Phillips’ anecdote (available here for those that have not yet found a link to the story) is not in the same class as Lisa’s mum meets the Queen Mum which appears … Continue reading

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How to succeed in sport without really trying

Cabrera speaks after his victory in the US Open: “Some players have psychologists, some have sportologists – I smoke.” Given the prohibition on smoking in the workplace in Scotland will Mr C be able to partake during The Open Championship … Continue reading

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Legal news: the ECHR in Iraq

The House of Lords today ruled in the case of Iraqi individuals killed by British forces in Iraq.  The question was whether the European Convention on Human Rights applied through the Human Rights ACt 1998 could apply to acts outwith … Continue reading

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What Field Major Dr Styre really wants to announce today

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Blogging government ministers

Blogging and ministerial etiquette a query. You are a government minister in a newly elected administration.  You have no experience of the workings of government.  You decide to maintain the blog you set up prior to becoming a government minister.  One … Continue reading

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Britain’s got talent shows

In the past few months we have seen:  the one on BBC1 with Graham Norton, the american trying to be George Burns, Dave Spikey, and Max Clifford which featured a man who climbed into a balloon, a dancing dog (readying … Continue reading

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Not Tommy Sheridan news

My regular reader may have noted that this week BBC1 Scotland on Wednesday will broadcast a programme titled “21st Century Orange Man”.  Having enquired further from the Beeb website can I reassure you that this is not a Tommy Sheridan profile.

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Torchwood developments

Russell “Television” Davies has confirmed his involvement in series 2 of Torchwood and announced that in a bid to better reflect modern Britain the forthcoming series will have Torchwood policing the new “alien threats register”.  Captain Jack will have overall … Continue reading

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And finally

I predict that the and finally item in the news stories today will be: Man has green blood.

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How to stop terrorism – lesson 1

Field Major Styre wants to introduce a terrorists register modelled on the sex offenders register.   Whenever a terrorist moves into a new area he will have to go the police station and register.  The police will then know where all … Continue reading

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Brown Aid: Share your best joke

After repeating his Olaf Palme and Ronald Reagan joke (first used in 1986) and his story about Hilary Benn believing that Nelson Mandela was talking about Tony Benn not Tony B…………….……lai…….………… Sorry, I lost the will to live typing that … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle update

I had a further phone call from the offices of TV’s Jeremy Kyle show today.  Apparently I have been bothering them regularly with demands to go on about my sister’s secret drugs shame.  Having advised them (again) that this was … Continue reading

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I did not shoot the deputy – but am becoming sorely tempted

The Labour deputy leadership contenders were on Radio 5 Live in a Radio Bloke type gimmick-laden quasi-speed dating feature.  The contenders were questioned by Simon Mayo (typical question: who are your heroes?), a former Labour party member Jed  (typical question: … Continue reading

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Death of a Princess

I was at Lockerbie in the aftermath of the disaster.  I saw photographers taking pictures of the dead, of bodies in windows and in trees.  I saw photos published days later of the things I’d seen.  I see them again … Continue reading

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Michael Rimmer

My favourite Peter Cook film, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, is available on DVD from the end of the month. Hooray.

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Mmm, that meme folks are doing

Below the cut, that meme about weirdness.  Apparently, I’m predominantly peculiar, and more than twice as peculiar as I am interesting. Mmm… So, loveandgarbage, your LiveJournal reveals… You are… 3% unique (blame, for example, your interest in pfitz)and 3% herdlike … Continue reading

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Bill Oddie and his top ten birds

Next Monday on BBC4 (yes, BBC4) Bill Oddie’s Top Ten Birds. This is one show judge_death failed to identify in his wonderful Bill Oddie schedule. Which will appear? Is he limiting himself only to domestic birds? What is you favourite … Continue reading

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Fake real fake gameshows : an occasional series #1

How can I keep up with creating fake gameshows when even the real gameshows turn out to be fake? Example 1: that Dutch one: Can I borrow your organ? or whatever it was called. I’m now waiting for revelations that … Continue reading

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