How to stop terrorism – lesson 1

Field Major Styre wants to introduce a terrorists register modelled on the sex offenders register.  

Whenever a terrorist moves into a new area he will have to go the police station and register.  The police will then know where all the terrorists are.  Simple really.

<sarcasm> mmm, that’ll work…  </sarcasm>

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4 Responses to How to stop terrorism – lesson 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the measures introduced after 9/11 was that we are now required to produce a passport when travelling on internal air-flights in the UK. I cannot think of a single respect in which that will deter or detect them pesky terrorists.
    In the 1980’s I worked in a government building in Glasgow – from time to time we were on high terror alert, the primary perceived threat at that time being from the IRA. During high alert we were required to display our ID cards to the security staff when entering the building, even although said security staff knew us. Nevertheless, it was compulsory for everyone entering the building to display ID cards.
    Except between 11am and 11.30am when the security men knocked off for a tea-break.
    But fortunately the IRA didn’t know about that.

    • Similarly if you are visiting a big building on the east coast in a taxi you pass through no security as you are waved to the main entrance; but if you are in a private car you are stopped and queried.
      A trifle peculiar I think.

  2. ravensthorpe says:

    Dr Doom: I have fooled you again, F.M. Styre (Ret.) I registered as Dr Evil and now you will never find me; bwah ha ha ha ha….
    Soon you will all feel my wrath etc etc…
    *Ubiquity of wrath not guaranteed.

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