Death of a Princess

I was at Lockerbie in the aftermath of the disaster.  I saw photographers taking pictures of the dead, of bodies in windows and in trees.  I saw photos published days later of the things I’d seen.  I see them again reprinted in various publications on anniversaries.  I see them broadcast on various television stations every now and again.  These photos are of somebody’s father or mother, somebody’s son or daughter.  

Do the tabloids complain about this?  

No, because these people aren’t important.  Because they didn’t sell newspapers.  Because their deaths did not induce mass hysteria.  Because these pictures illustrated a massive news story – what is still the biggest single act of terrorism on British soil or airspace.

I have no problem with Channel 4 broadcasting the documentary this evening in full.  Given the rantings of some that prompted yet another inquiry into the death the broadcast of the images serve a public interest and may give the lie to some of the increasingly bizarre stories.

In the meantime – because it apparently sums up the national mood – here is a picture of Diana looking sad (while complaining about the numerous people in her marriage).

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10 Responses to Death of a Princess

  1. nmg says:

    Yes, I quite agree. I think that there is a public interest angle here, and hope that the documentary goes beyond the usual treatment of Diana that we can see in the tabloids.
    And yes, why should a single privileged royal be treated any differently from the rest of us.

  2. You are of course quite correct, but pictures like that should be behind cuts, I am feeling sick just looking at her.

  3. ramtops says:

    I’ve been meaning to write a post saying pretty much exactly that.

  4. surliminal says:

    Christ she was thin wasn’t she??

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