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Fans of compelling television programmes may remember a show from three or four years ago concerning the Bucks Fizz/David van Day (offoff Dollar) debacle.  Part of one of these BBC shows that dealt with business intrigue (including the PDC/BDO world darts break-up) the sight of van Day flipping burgers in a van brought a tear of laughter to the eye.

As I recall much of the dispute involved who could call their band the real Bucks Fizz (one can understand the substantial financial implications of this).  The matter ended up in court with one of the original members suing van Day.  After much thought van Day made his mind up and returned to the land of make believe with something known as the David van Day Bucks Fizz Experience (or something of the like).

Similar concerns appear in the US where Mary Wilson of the Supremes has spent much of the past few years unsuccessfully suing purported Supremes.  SO miffed was she that the law in Nevada has been changed to outlaw these fake bands appearing under the name of a real band but with no link to the original band (unless they classify themselves as tribute acts).  The law change has been welcomed by the Drifters and Sha Na Na (I am a lawyer and accordingly have no idea who any of these people are).  The position of Mark E Smith is unclear.

The news report contains a quote from the manager of one of the Drifters.

“In a town like [Las Vegas], where you have a constant flow of tourists, this is a place where people expect to have authenticity. “

She was speaking from the grounds of King Tut’s museum at the Luxor.

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  1. perlmonger says:

    Alex Salmond for First Minister
    As off-topic here as an off-topic thing, but on the off chance that you don’t read Craig Murray’s blog, you might be interested in his latest post.

    • Re: Alex Salmond for First Minister
      Many thanks for that. Blair and Brown’s ignoral of Salmond is somewhat peculiar but he is a man that arouses passions.
      I’m a Lib Dem voter and former activist who believes Stephen has got it right. The referendum is not the issue – a SNP majority led government indicated that it would seek confrontation with Westminster at every opportunity, its motivation being independence. The Lib dems are committed to the UK, a federal UK but still the UK as a nation. Accordingly to participate in a government with the nationalist objective and to be complicit in the move (and constrained by ministerial responsibility) is not a desirable position for the party in Scotland. The position is that 2/3 of voters supported pro-UK parties. There is no mandate for a referendum and – ironically – the Lib Dems have had more publicity in relation to Scottich politics since the election (on transport issues and the like) than they did while in government, as well as having a likely impact on government policy, because every vote is crucial to the minority government.
      Best wishes

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