Peace to arrive in September


 : just speaking to a bookshop owner in Edinburgh who is arranging the Scottish launch of David Peace’e next novel.  Looks like it will be September and the first in his Japanese trilogy.


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6 Responses to Peace to arrive in September

  1. pigeonhed says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens when he moves his setting away from Yorkshire. When is it set?

    • From what I’d heard, I think it’s set immediately post-WW2.
      Anyone heard what Big Jim Ellroy’s up to these days? Last I heard of him he was working on some epic about a family of inbred German cops from Montana covering the first half of the last century…

      • I’ve not heard anything on Ellroy for ages. I know the follow up to the Cold Six Thousand is subject to delay pending deaths given defamation laws (and he promises to outlive Clinton so he can write about him with no defamation worries). lonemagpie may know. He’s a big Ellroy fan, as well as being the author of two or three rather fine Doctor Who novels.

    • The trilogy is set in the years immediately after WWII as blue_condition notes. At an eventy in edinburgh last year Peace indicated the first of the trilogy was Year Zero and look at the American occupation as a background to a crime story based on real life events (as is his wont).
      Given the quality of the red Riding Quartet his return to crime fiction is quite exciting.

  2. surliminal says:

    Hey – will that be Thins as was?

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