Stop and question Supervoc and permatan Tommy’s peculiar request

I didn’t post about Mr Tony and Field Major Styre’s latest intended assault on civil liberties yesterday as I’ve only just calmed down.  (Let

sum it up).  I’m white and usually in a suit so the proposed new powers won’t have much impact on my day to day life.  But, the idea so angers me, and it comes from Tony (lawyer) – and is backed by Supervoc (lawyer) and others in this lawyer filled government.  Did these people learn bugger all during their degree/time in practice? 

Anyway, despite Peter “you can take the boy out of the Liberals but you can’t take the liberal out of the boy” Hain (Pangol the Argolin) criticising this warning that it would prove a recuriting sergeant for The Foundation, top comment on the matter came from Supervoc Blears who noted Hain’s criticism and said that the idea came from Northern Ireland so Hain was culpable (or words to that effect).  So, Supervoc is in favour of stop and question and (see previous posts) arming the police routinely.  She really is going for the Home Office isn’t she?  

If Hain loses the deputy leadership election, and Prudence the Presbyterian endorses this policy will Hain resign?

Away from serious politics yesterday two news stories were reported in an area of particular interest.  In the Sindie it was reported that the Sheridan perjury investigation is now looking at the fragrant Gail (whose expression on her departure from the court on the day of the victory spoke volumes).  I have referred in past posts to some of the points Mr Sheridan made in post case interviews and how this contradicted some of the absolute courtroom assertions of the fragrant one.  Gail’s phone records are now being sought by Lothian and Borders police.

The other story was a brief interview in the Sunday Herald with Richard Keen QC, sacked by Sheridan during the defamation case.  If you’ve sacked a lawyer you’d probably not want to have anything to do with them again.  However, Keen reveals that Sheridan asked him to represent him in the forthcoming appeal.   The approach was politely rejected.   The legal establishment in Scotland is rife with rumours of what went on when Keen was “sacked” “by Sheridan”.  Keen has spoken about the general position and indicated,

“Tommy Sheridan and his advisers took a very political move and it worked very well for him.”

Keen seems to bear no ill will to the Tomster and said that the Tomster’s electoral defeat was not good for Scottish politics.  He is reported to have said, 

“He was good for the Scottish parliament. He had convictions.”

With more to come, a cynic may suggest.


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5 Responses to Stop and question Supervoc and permatan Tommy’s peculiar request

  1. > I’m white and usually in a suit so the proposed new powers won’t have much impact on my day to day life.
    Oh no, no, no, no, no……. because you’re white and in a suit you’ll be targeted. Targeted to make sure there’s no racism. Because it would be politically unacceptable to say that “terror suspects are overwhelmingly Muslim men of British Asian origin in their 20s/early 30s so we’ll focus on the”.
    So, the myth that anyone could be a terror suspect (subject to a strict quota making sure that no sector of society is searched any more than any other, except for the white middle classes, who will be targeted more than most just to show that they’re ‘doing their bit’ in the ‘war on terror’) will be enforced.
    I don’t mean this to sound in any way racially prejudiced, but the government are going to play this one so crudely in an attempt to make it look like they aren’t that the inversions of logic and the flights of fantasy will rapidly become untenable.

    • I take the point, but the statistics in relation to the s 44 power do not necessarily coincide with that at the moment. Do you think this is an attempt to address the perceived systemic racism in s 44?
      Anyway, your original post was a masterwork. My only caveat is about backing the Tories. While I think the libertarian right (David Davis &c) would take the libertarian line, Aardman’s own doesn’t convince me.

  2. > He had convictions
    Such a double-edged statement ;P

  3. Anonymous says:

    Forgive me once again for lowering the tone as I point out that the Sunday newsrag which I read was reporting that Gail was to be ‘probed’ by the police.
    Oo-er, missus

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