An idea for David Peace’s next book

The Damned Utd examines one of the shortest managerial careers in British football and has a wonderful character at its centre.  If anyone wishes to plough a similar furrow (minus the allure of Clough) how about this story – where from appointment to dismissal took less than quarter of an hour.  You could even call it The Damned (Torquay) Utd.  Chris Chibnall could dramatise the whole shebang.

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2 Responses to An idea for David Peace’s next book

  1. giantweazle says:

    10-15 minutes, I doubt anyone will ever top that. I was trying to imagine what he must have done, I thought he must have decked one of the players. Leroy has quite a hard player if my memory serves me. I saw him break a Mansfield Town player’s leg once and you could hear the crack right from the back of the stands. Mind he went on to play for the hammers so I forgave him.
    Torquay has been a comedy club for some time now. I think it must be the “Fawlty Towers” influence.

    • If I understand it properly he was sacked because the chairman sold the club 10 minutes after appointing him, to a man who wanted to appoint himself manager. Seems fair enough. 😉

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