Ministerial blogging (with more on Stewart Stevenson)

Climate change minister Stewart “Father Jack (voting is still open on who Stevenson looks like by the way)” Stevenson is not the only blogger in the new ministerial team.  Father Jack’s blog is somewhat turgid – a rehash of Stevenson’s media appearances, articles, speeches, and vapid outpourings.  However, the new Scottish environment minister (funnily the environmental responsibility does not include responsibility for climate change whcih rests with Father Jack), Mike Russell MSP, has a regularly updated blog with many thoughts on Scottish politics.  I am not sure if this will be updated as regularly now he is at ministerial level, but the back issues may make interesting reading.

Turning to my new LJ hero again a quick trawl of the internet reveals various fascinating pieces of information.  My regular reader will recall that earlier this week the Scottish Parliament mirrored the general populace by suffering a worryingly high percentage of spoiled papers in the election for deputy presiding officer.  It has been popularly rumoured that one of the spoilers was Father Jack.  If incapable of voting for 1 person in a choice of 4, how will he cope with administering Scotland’s transport, and infrastructure as well as alleviating climate change.

Additionally, as a taster for his back catalogue, Stevenson gained some notoriety early last year when he criticised the Beano after it ran a comic strip called “The Neds” (parodying a certain stratum of Scottish culture) which included the characters Ned, Nedette and their children Asbo and Chavette (obviously Harry Enfield’s scriptwriters had to do something before the grand return to the telly).  Stevenson said the comic strip in the Beano was “grotesque” and created a “damaging” caricature of modern Scotland.

GIven that Father Jack has been something of a rent-a-quote over the past 4 years, and that most of these quotes appear on-line (often at his own website) there’s a veritable plethora of material for the coming months.

So, let battle commence.

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