Supervoc for deputy

Hazel Blears, the popular Labour party chairman and sometime disciple of Taren Capel, has enough nominations to contest the Labour party deputy leadership.  

So, why should Labour activists vote for her?  Her website offers various clues.

Opus Dei member Ruth Kelly notes, “She inspires, motivates and connects with people.”  

Tessa Jowell says, “I am supporting Hazel because she is a woman”.  This apparently is also Martyn Jones’ reason for support, ” I am supporting Hazel because it will be good to have a male/female team at the top of the Party.” Tessa Jowell’s out of context quote isn’t the only reason for her support.  “She is courageous, a leader and in-tune with the politics of today.”

Soon to be ex-cabinet minister Hilary Armstrong says, “I  want to support a woman who has her feet firmly on the ground.”  Another soon to be former cabinet minister John Hutton says Hazel “can help us win the battle of ideas”.  [although what sort of battle of ideas Hazel will engage in is not clear]

Controversially, Steve McCabe’s support focuses on Hazel’s fun loving motor cycle riding side, “She’s a party person through and through.”  

Adrian Bailey MP is impressed with Hazel’s battling qualities, ““I support Hazel because she can handle tough debates”.  which suggests he’s never seen her on Newsnight when confronted with a vaguely competent journalist.

Hazel’s flair for mimicry is what impresses Siobhan McDonagh, “she has always made a big impression”.  Suggesting that Hazel wishes to assume Roni Ancona’s role in public affection.

Joan Ryan goes for sycophancy claiming that she’s backing Hazel because, “She’s fantastic.”

Although the last word must go to Kitty Ussher who’s backing Hazel because, “she is an authentic voice of our streets” (which leaves one wondering exactly waht sort of area Kitty Ussher lives in.

Hazel is also backed by the Blairite team of Milburn, Byers and Field Major Dr Styre our soon to be former Home Secretary.  Oh, and she’s backed by Gerald Kaufman.

Supervoc’s site contains videos in the latest of which she says, “I don’t want to be in power”. and that she’s not after the next big job while reminding people of her ever so ‘umble origins (again).

There’s a section headed debate – which remains on a long hiatus but includes meanderings on gun culture and asks for views from the plebeian brigade (Hazel’s against it, are you?).  Hazel’s detailed thoughts include the following propositions,

“we need an efficient and sensitive police operation which identifies and arrests the murderers, we need policing which makes people feel safe” which seems fair enough until this lawyer forgets her legal training and then calls for “armed police on the streets” – a startling statement which has provoked little press comment but some time ago would have been startling for a former Home Office minister, but alongside the steady diminution of civil liberties is merely another step on an unwelcome road.

The substantial number of Blears products from the Blears campaign shop (mentioned in an earlier post) have been replaced with one ethical T-shirt which takes 14 days to arrive (so order quickly).
As well as this multi-media extravaganza, and photos of MPs – who presumably hope that balance in the local press involves reporting their speeches not printing their photos – there are some bizarre images which rotate every time you refresh the front page including the obligatory Shilpa Shetty shot

and Hazel entering junior Pot Black

The one thing I can say in favour of Blears campaign is that if Labour elect her then there’s less chance she’ll end up at the Home Office.  So vote Supervoc.  Prove Asimov’s laws of robotics wrong.


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