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Le Gazza de nos jours

You may remember that some years ago ITV decided to spice up theit football coverage by employing Gazza, former footballer.  When transplanted to the studio Gazza was awful – incomprehensible; uncontrollable; and hence, promptly dispatched to a roving reporter role … Continue reading

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East Ayrshire provides the sick with a bibliotherapist (video file)Tom Leonard reads “This is the six o’clock news” (audio file)The Scottish election results will be counted electronically and experts predict disaster.Oh, and via dizzy news that her Majesty’s Customs and … Continue reading

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Bryan Ferry: Parliament (well 4 MPs) act

Further to yesterday’s news  an early day motion has been lodged: BRYAN FERRY’S PRAISE OF NAZIS AND HIS MARKS AND SPENCER CONTRACT             16.04.2007 Dismore, Andrew That this House expresses its complete abhorrence of the remarks and behaviour in admiration of … Continue reading

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The Scottish Minister for Justice appears on Newsnight Scotland speaking about council tax video demonstrates the high quality of the cosy nostra that governs the Scottish Labour party – and they wonder why they’re doing badly in the elections!

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Brush up your Shakespeare

If the very thought of Lord Pooter’s bardsuggested yesterday filled you with dreadyou could always try the real thing insteadfor the government education staffhave uploaded MP3s from the Globestaging of Much ado about nothing.

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Just a jealous guy?

Today, a spokesman for the late Albert Speer apologised for the corpse’s remarks about Roxy Music. Speaking from Speer’s architectural studio, the Ferrybunker, he said,  “When Albert’s rancid body was quoted yesterday  and said, “God, Bryan Ferry knows how to put himself … Continue reading

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Warning to civilisation: Lord Pooter on Shakespeare

Lord Pooter has discovered that apparently, Shakespeare wrote some plays that might have been lost.  Obviously not a keen reader of the Wells-Taylor Oxford edition (with references to Cardenio, Love’s Labour’s Won &c), nor a viewer of new Doctor Who.  However, the nature … Continue reading

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Real fake game shows

The BBC reports that Endemol is setting up real fake game shows (or virtual game shows).  So, if you can’t get on Deal or no deal or Big Brother in the real world, why not humiliate your on-line presence.

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Heads up BBC 4 Monday

A repeat of Smiley’s People (not repeated in the BBC4 spies season last year) but beginning tomorrow evening at 10 pm.

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Entering the world of youtube

This is just an experiment.  I’ve set up a youtube channel and picked a small video from my digital camera holdings to upload to check (a) my camera’s compatibility with youtube; (b) how easy it is to upload here; and … Continue reading

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Gridlock review from Lawrence Miles

Via the ever-excellent Behind the Sofa collaborative blog from the Tachyon Tv team the Doctor Who novelist reviews Gridlock

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Doctor Who memery

Via nhw  and peeeeeet I’m including audios and novels Five least favourite stories 1. Warmonger by Uncle Terrance  – Doc 5 is the warmonger in a battle against a renegade Time Lord involving cybermen, sontarans,  draconians and others.  Peri becomes … Continue reading

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Somewhere over the rainbow – heigh ho silver.

Life on Mars reminded me of a question on Fifteen to One some years ago. William G Stewart asked,  “The line, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” comes from which film?” The contestant answered confidently,  “The Lone Ranger.” … Continue reading

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My cover is blown

I’m Halle Berry, and so’s my wife.

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Scottish election web news

I read them so you don’t have to. The Scottish Seniors Citizens Party has a blog.   And Jack McConnell invites you to ask him questions here. And the SNP don’t really seem to have got what blogging is about: see … Continue reading

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Man Booker International Prize – the nominees

The ManBooker International Prize nominees have been announced.Chinua AchebeMargaret AtwoodJohn BanvillePeter CareyDon DeLilloCarlos FuentesDoris LessingIan McEwanHarry Mulisch Alice MunroMichael OndaatjeAmos OzPhilip RothSalman RushdieMichel Tournier The last longlist of nominees included Saul Bellow, Muriel Spark, Naguib Mahfouz, and Stanislaw Lem, all of … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s headlines today – an occasional series

Cinders can’t go to the ball – when I was at school I’d have paid to avoid the “school dance”, particularly the mid-dance entertainment which involved a home-grown beat combo comprising schoolmates calling itself Pavement Pizza singing (well, more sort of … Continue reading

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Student work

I try to avoid posting about work and work related matters but the following has come to my attention (weeks late but never mind).  SOme students are suing an anti-plagiarism website.  These sitesare quite commonly used to identify instances of … Continue reading

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Fake reality shows

While Michael Grade was throwing money at things to bolster ITV in early 2007 he reached an intriguing deal with diminutive popster Prince to film a natural history programme.  The purple garbed miniature colossus expressed an interest in spending time … Continue reading

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Is it wrong to snigger when William Shatner advertises bran based cereals?

With thanks to  tao_  for pointing to a highlight from The Transformed Man.  he also links to a wonderful version of rocketman.  

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