Doctor Who memery




I’m including audios and novels

Five least favourite stories

1. Warmonger by Uncle Terrance  – Doc 5 is the warmonger in a battle against a renegade Time Lord involving cybermen, sontarans,  draconians and others.  Peri becomes battle-hardened and the story spans monts.  Bizarre.
2.  Wolfsbane by Jacqueline Rayner – Doc 4, Doc 8, Harry, Sarah, Nazis, werewolves, and uses the torture and camps of the Nazis to give a romp emotional depth.  Horrible and offensive.
3.  Time and the Rani – From Sylvester being swamped by a blond wig and Baker C’s coat through “Leave the girl, it’s the man I want” a regeneration story that turned off as many viewers as
4.  The Twin Dilemma – Psycho Doc Baker, C, tries to strangle his companion, while feeling pity for Maurice Denham when faced with two atrocious child actors.
5.  Doctor Who Unbound He Jests at Scars – The Valeyard, Mel, continuity obsessed, nuff said?

Five favourite stories

1.  The EMpty Child/The Doctor Dances 
2.  The Mind Robber 
3. The Crooked World by Steve Lyons – Doc 8 in a world of cartoons where reality starts to break through.
4.  The Deadly Assassin
5.  Caves of Androzani

Bubbling under: The Girl in the fireplace; The Aztecs; Inferno; The Ark in Space; Revelation of the Daleks; Tomb of the Cybermen

Five least favourite female companions

1.  Jo Grant – blond, bumbling, screamer
2.  Vicki – probably because not much survives and such as does is not
3.  Sam Jones (apart from the Lawrence Miles novels) – a tick the boxes ishoo led companion.  Inconsistently characterised.
4.  The Nissan Traken – a character with potentia but somewhat underued.
5.  With Ace one has so many options – but let’s try Dark Ace from the NAs and “Just call me McShane” from the audios.

Five favourite female companions 

1.  Romana  (splendid character, all of them)
2. Barbara – throughout the opening season Barbara and Ian are at the centre of the story and both can act, and it seems that some thought has been given to the characters.
3.  Evelyn Smith (in the audios – a History lecturer, older than the usual companions, a refreshing change)
4.  Compassion – in the novels, a character with a secret ill-used in her final stories.
5.  Sarah Jane Smith

Five least favourite male companions

1.  Yates – Paul Magrs had the right idea in Verdigris where he becomes a bit of cardboard
2.  Benton – a dislike that has grown through hearing the actor on the INferno commentary.
3.  Adric 
4.  Adam (if he counts)
5.  Hex in the audios (because there are so few male companions that this becomes tricky)

Five most favourite male companions

1.  Jamie – mainly because I remember him best from the novelisations
2.  The Brig –  Nick Courtney has a likeability his Unit colleagues lack
3.  Harry – well pitched, well acted.
4.  Steven – much underrated.  He has some depth and Peter “Crufts” Purves is rather good.
5.  Ian – god bless William Russell.

Five favourite villains

1.  Mr Saxon – if he is who we think he is…
2.  Davros  (mainly for Genesis and Revelation)
3.  Sharaz Jek
4. Tlotoxl from The Aztecs
5. Chancellor Goth

Bubbling under Magnus Greel and Professor Zaroff 😉

Favourite Doctor

1.  Troughton – quixotic
2.  Eccleston – a brilliant performance.
3.  HArtnell 
4.  Baker, T (seasons 12 – 14)
5.  Davison

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4 Responses to Doctor Who memery

  1. 2. Barbara – throughout the opening season Barbara and Ian are at the centre of the story and both can act, and it seems that some thought has been given to the characters.
    I have far too little experience of Barbara on-screen, but she was very well portrayed in the novelisations, particularly Crusaders. There was a sense that Barbara was learning from her experiences and changing in a way that few companions did – growing into potentials within herself. And not in the Professor ‘Enry ‘Iggins way of Leela, or the crude way in which 7 bullied Ace into growing up…

  2. > The EMpty Child/The Doctor Dances
    Which did have T3H B3ST3ST!!!21″ D0Ct0r Wh0 LIN3 3VAH!”!!!21″£ omh in it – ““I’m not sure if it’s Marxism in action or a West End musical”
    Thinking of lines like that, WTF hasn’t Howard Waldrop ever written for Doctor Who? He is the only man on the planet that could actually do a story about Marxist West End musical about people whose faces have turned into gas masks, although Waldrop would probably tell it as a future premonition by an Aztec high priest with a Zeppelin. Or something. 😉

  3. I must admit that I’m not really a huge doctor who fan, indeed I only started watching it when christopher eccleston brough it back into fashion (i dont remember seeing it when it was on before, was too young i think).
    I will say though that I much preferred eccleston. Whenever i’ve watched david tennant ive been impressed, but kinda get the impression he’s overacting or trying too hard at times. eccleston seemed too put lot less effort in but retain a nice level of bravado.
    companion-wise, well i must admit i have rather a soft spot for martha (blush). was never a big fan of billie piper anyway you see.
    –an outsider’s view

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