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DUring my holiday last week I managed to update my regular reader with news of the Scottish Conservatives manifesto.  Well, also last week Solidartomsc – the Popular People’s Front for the Liberation of POllok – released its manifesto.  This was accompanied by an appearance of leader Rosemary Byrne (the former SSP MSP that believed the Tomster) on Newsnight Scotland.

The PPFLP has pledged not to enter government (although some policies such as a referendum on independence coincide with the SNP policies and may lead to a supporting vote for a SNP First Minister) , it plans to abolish Scottish Enterprise (the organisation rather than the whole business community as far as I can make out); to take railways and water into public ownership; to ban airguns; introduce free school meals and to introduce legal aid for defamation cases (sorry, I made that last one up). The policies appear limikted in ambition but look like allowing freedom to any elected MSPs to vote with other parties if the main parties are looking for coalition partners or tacit support for an administration – through the approval or support of members bills.  Once again, one admires the Tomster’s political nous.

Ms Byrne’s appearance on Newsnight Scotland though was disastrous.  When asked what the differences were between the PPFLP and the SSP she could not answer saying that (in a rather Thatcherite approach) it was really about giving the voters a choice of socialist alternatives.

THe polls are not looking good for the SSP or Solidartomsc and the collapse of both parties means there are half a dozen seats up for grabs.  If any Solidartomsc member is likely to get in it will be the Tomster himself via the regional list – meaning that the strongest position in Solidartomsc will (given the appeal in the defamation case later this year) be number 2 on their Glasgow list.

More election news to follow tomorrow as Jack who launches Scottish Labour’s manifesto.

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5 Responses to Election news

  1. shaz_rte says:

    I notice in one of the reports that 3% of the electorate allegedly want the Tomster as First Minister. Free sunbeds and dodgy clubs for all!

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