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Anniversary poll

On Friday it will be one year since I started posting on LJ.  I feel I should mark the occasion in some way, so how should I celebrate?

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Ask the chairman

The Observer newspaper currently runs the popular Ask the Ref feature, where a referee is given various football conundra designed to improve supporters knowledge of the game. In a similar spirit I call for a new feature: Ask the chairman. … Continue reading

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Scottish elections

The Beeb broadcast a debate between four of the part leaders last night: Annabel Goldie (who in this campaign has discovered pastel shades, which sit uneasily with her potential new headmistress (replacing Alistair SIm’s original ) at St Trinian’s image); … Continue reading

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The Daily Show – The George Bush boogie

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The Colbert Report: Farewell to Boris Yeltsin

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Interruption to service

Over the coming days normal service will be interrupted because I am marking exam papers.  Accordingly, my volume of posts may increase to many tens a day of varying lengths in a technique I believe is known as distraction. 

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Ask Scooch

The BBC have invited questions for Scooch, who are apparently representing the UK in some song thing.  I have asked three so far: Do they think the single transferable vote should be used in parliamentary elections and if so how … Continue reading

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Bigfoot and the Galloways – election sketch

Yesterday saw Gorgeous George return to Scotland to fondly recall his joint arrests with the Tomster.  Such talk interests Inspector Yates, head of the perjury investigation.  Ah, this man has form of being in trouble with the law.  What can they mean? … Continue reading

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Judgment of the day

The House of Lords today pronounced in a case on the licensing of sex shops in Northern Ireland in the case of  Belfast City Council v Miss Behavin’ Ltd (described  by baroness Hale in the following way, “This case must … Continue reading

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We don’t want to do a depressing descent into the world of suicide

Via the estimable Rob Buckley news that a new adaptation of the Bell Jar is in the offing.  This version will be uplifting.  As an executive notes,  “Esther Greenwood has a strong outlook on life, and we’re really looking to bring … Continue reading

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There’s a fly in my soup.

I’m guessing that when the waiter asked for a tip this wasn’t what he had in mind.

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Coalitions and referenda

Iain McWhirter, a Scottish political commentator, has written in Comment is Free today about the possible outcome of the Scottish election – that even if the SNP is the largest party after the election they may not form part of the … Continue reading

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Scottish politics

For those of you looking for an explanation of the Scottish voting system to be used in a week and a half, look no further than Alastair’s analysis in Almax’s Heart Monitor.  Copies will be distributed to all voters before … Continue reading

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SO farewell then Boris Yeltsin

Sometime orchestra conductor, regular visitor to Ireland (although he didn’t seem to like getting off the plane), drunk, and Russian president Boris Yeltsin is reported to have died. Thus far the obituaries have omitted this story (reported sometime ago by … Continue reading

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Daleks in Manhattan – a haiku

Pig men in sewers Last Daleks empire building And now Sec’s on legs In summary,  it wasn’t as good as the Muppets in Manhattan.

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Viewers lose “millions” to GMTV

A Panorama investigation for the BBC has revealed that literally millions of hours are lost to GMTV every week.  Apparently viewers are still watching Fiona Phillips struggling to embody the GMTV hard news agenda, while Lorraine Kelly comments on how … Continue reading

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Uncle Tommy and the scriptwriter

Have you ever found the lives of politicians turning into Latin American soap operas? The story so far: Our hero, the Tomster, won a famous victory in a defamation action against the evil empire of Rupert Murdoch and the News … Continue reading

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The end of Marx-ism

It’s one of those sad coincidences that the obituaries for Dick Vosburgh (who co-scripted Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel and A NIght in the Ukraine – a Marx brothers parody) and Kitty Carlisle Hart (the leading lady in A Night at … Continue reading

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Life on Venus

My name is Gene Hunt.  I had an accident and I woke up in 1853, and they don’t ‘ave ‘oops.  Am I mad? In a coma? or back in time? 

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Fake game show

After the unmerited success of The Underdog Show where “celebrities” (like heroff the news, that bloke that sings; him that had a chat show and used to present whatdoyoucallit on Channel 4; heroff Press Gang; and heroff the news that … Continue reading

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