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Caption competition

Anyone that can tie this in to this week’s Life on Mars gets no bonus points. And for the Peter Hain Doctor Who lookalike contest I nominate Pangol, who has similar hair and appears to be orange from some angles. … Continue reading

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“you are an incorrigible rogue” and tales of Heather Mills

You are suspected of involvement in a serious crime, an apparent armed robbery.  You have been identified on the scene and have distinctive eyebrows.  You know that if picked up by the police you will have to participate in an identity parade.  … Continue reading

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Supervoc on Trident

To lose the vote of one MP, Mr Blair, may be regarded as a misfortune; the loss of  ninety five looks like carelessness.  Fortunately one person can make sense of this misery: Supervoc. “A majority of Labour backbenchers backed the … Continue reading

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Legal news – compensation and the Carl Bridgewater case

The HOuse of Lords today decided a compensation claim involving those wrongfully convicted of the murder of Carl Bridgewater.  THe case involves a split decision in the House of Lords.  The detailed analysis of the court has been summarised in misleading … Continue reading

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Never such innocence again

For those of my generation a defining moment was the vandalism of the Blue Peter Garden.  As Percy Thrower stomped around demanding the return of the cat a certain amount of innocence was lost. For a later generation the dismissal … Continue reading

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Calling Yorkshire men and women

Would you care to comment on this article from yesterday’s Guardian which asks “Why has Lancashire produced so many successful comedians, while Yorkshire remains in the dumps?”

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Lord Pooter writes

No comment needed on the following from Lord Pooter’s diary on 9th March “I’ve just learned that Macmillan will be printing a third edition of The Gospel According to Judas ten days before publication; however it may not reach the … Continue reading

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COnservative Metaphor Watch: Dispatch them humanely with a quick blow to the head

Immigrants are to be culled in an attempt to preserve the indigenous Scottish population.  After trapping them they “would then be dispatched humanely with a quick blow to the head”.  IN response it has been suggested that the move is … Continue reading

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Swiss news: the King and I

Insulting the King of Thailand leads to a potential 7 1/2 minimum, 75 year maximum sentence.  So if drunk and Swiss don’t think, “Shall I tell you what I think of you? ” while daubing a portrait of the king with paint.  … Continue reading

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Nigel Griffiths resigns

So, you heard it here second.  As anticipated on Saturday night/Sunday morning Prudence’s outrider, Nigel Griffiths, has been sacrificed by Gordon resigned.  How will the political commentators read this?  Is it a subliminal Brown message to the backbenchers?

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Julian Worricker – political awards

INteractivity is the curse of modern media.  “Talent” shows are littered with phone in votes, text messages (“FRED UR GR8.”  “leeona, i luv u” “dont lissen 2 simon, u boyz r fanntaztic” you know the thing).  And while this may … Continue reading

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Greater love hath no man than this

Gordon Brown is in the Cabinet.  He backs the “special relationship”.  The Cabinet (including Gordon) has endorsed replacing Trident.  However, Gordon wants to be next Labour leader and knows about 150 Labour MPs are against Trident, so What does Gordon … Continue reading

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Scammers of the world unite

I’ve not had a scamming e-mail for ages and then a couple of e-mails from “Dr Amos Tower” arrived this morning (in identical terms).  The terms are repeated beneath the cut with editorial comments From Dr. Amos TowerHBOS plc PO BoxNo. … Continue reading

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Labour deputy leadership contest

Having spent some time on Supervoc and her ways, time to begin the appreciation of other contenders.  IN late January Peter Hain confirmed his intention to run for the post of Labour deputy leader.  Here is a picture of him … Continue reading

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Adam and Joe’s toy Se7en

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So, Ian Rankin is one of the best plotters in the crime writing business: multi-layered the various threads come together in a manner reminiscent of Ellroy at his best.  So, you’d think that in adapting his novels they might consider … Continue reading

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X factor – new judge revealed

So, Louis Walsh is to leave The X factor.  I can exclusively reveal his replacement.

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Caption competition

PAtrick Mercer with family.  Any captions?

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New ITV1 programme ideas

Life on Venus June Ackland is hit by a car and ends up in either The Gentle Touch or Cats Eye?  Well, maybe at a push even in Juliet Bravo.  With Sarah Lancashire, from an original idea by Lynda la … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown’s iron teeth

So Prudence the Presbyterian has had his teeth drilled without any pain relief or aneasthetic.  Fortunately they played the post neo-classical endogenous growth theory speech on a continuous loop, which had the desired soporific effect.  Take that, Paul McKenna.

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