Joe Pasquale

The other day the wonderful  

  (a rather well-known genius of a scriptwriter responsible for the best sketch show of the 1990s as well as the best sitcom and who should be on your F-list if not already)  posted a link to Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia clashing about the thieving of stand-up material.  

I’ve thought about this subject since I first attended shows on the Edinburgh Fringe in the early 1990s.  Among the shows was an Australian female comic who did a routine that was a verbatim rip off of some Pamela Stephenson performed material in Not the Nine O’clock News.  I irritated my then girlfriend immensely by finishing off each set with the punchline before the act reached it.  I didn’t heckle, but now, probably would.

That year I also went to see Michael Redmond, a lugubrious Irish comic (Father Sloan in Father Ted); Stewart Lee; and Bruce MOrton.  Each was outstanding with individualised well written acts.  Lee has appeared ona radio show I was listening to at the time called Lionel Nimrod’s Inexplicable World, and was the one name I really recognised.  

Morton used a joke I’ve heard many times subsequently (delivered by other lesser comics) .  Morton was bald, and midway through the set said, 

“I went to the hairdressers the other day.  I asked for highlights.  They showed me action replays of previous haircuts.”

Which was funny because it was delivered deadpan, a propos nothing at all, and he was bald.  When used by a snub nosed mainstream comic with lots of hair – it loses rather a lot.

Redmond in particular had a brilliant opening.  He stood on stage with his sunken eyes, mad hair, and large drooping moustache, and said after a couple of minutes, “People often say to me, “Hey you.  Get out of my garden.”” which was the most perfect opening I’ve heard in a stand up show.  I’ve even referred to it here on this LJ.

Anyway, on 

‘s posting some of the comments referred to Joe Pasquale and referred to Stewart Lee.  A quick google search revealed the following video – showing Lee at his best, and based around  the great Michael Redmond line referred to above.

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1 Response to Joe Pasquale

  1. alfaguru says:

    That Michael Redmond joke I’m pretty sure was used previously by Peter Cook or Spike Milligan … Although in its original(?) form, it went something like:
    “I bumped into [name of celebrity] the other day. He said ‘What the hell are you doing in my kitchen?'”
    I wish I could prove this. I lean towards Milligan as the source of the line, just about. Possibly on a Michael Parkinson show. Hmm. I do know someone who might know. I’ll email them and they’ll probably answer within a week or two.

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