Calling Yorkshire men and women

Would you care to comment on this article from yesterday’s Guardian which asks “Why has Lancashire produced so many successful comedians, while Yorkshire remains in the dumps?”

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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5 Responses to Calling Yorkshire men and women

  1. burkesworks says:

    I refer you to the comments from “fmk” and “AlisonDuvet”. That’s not a bad roll-call, though admittedly it is stretching it to call Jake Thackray and Jarvis Cocker “comedians”, even if they are a damned sight funnier than Bernard Manning or Stan Boardman!

    • I worship at the altar of Barry Cryer, and have recently been listening to the Jake in a Box CD collection so would quite happily accept Thackray in the list.
      The names listed seem to be better writers than performers(eg Waterhouse, Bennett, Cryer, Quantick, Herring). Probably nothing in that other than coincidence but interesting nonetheless.
      My father’s family are historically from Yorkshire and moved west and north with the railways as the line was (until my father) one of railway signalmen. I think his great grandfather had been from Yorkshire, his grandfather being Scottish.

  2. giantweazle says:

    And Lancaster had a bomber named after it. You can’t imagine the Barnsley Bomber instilling fear into the enemy can you? In fact, you can’t imagine the Barnsley Bomber ever getting into the air.
    And, no matter what, do not mention the enormous gulf in the fortunes of Lancashire football clubs over those in Yorkshire.
    The War Of The Roses is over, we have a clear winner.

    • ravensthorpe says:

      The Halifax and York bombers did have the advantage of being named after towns you’d eat chips in.

      • giantweazle says:

        True. To be honest I have no allegiance either way, as I live in Notts., just thought I’d stir it up a bit. I haven’t been to York or Halifax in ages, I suspect that, as my visits to these places usually involve watching Mansfield Town FC, that this is a symptom of the football point that I raised. Do they still do good chips up there. We still have good chips in Mansfield.

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