X factor – new judge revealed

So, Louis Walsh is to leave The X factor.  I can exclusively reveal his replacement.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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7 Responses to X factor – new judge revealed

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Oh they were brilliant, I didn’t understand any of it, there was singing and dancing, it was awful, so noisy, it was superb, they were wonderful, but there was a distinct lack of existential horror, it was awful, I loved every minute of it, I don’t know, I don’t understand, there were lights and sounds and words and things, it was superb!”
    There is a popular beat combo sharing its name with the raddled old bog-trotting git.

    • I remember fondly the great days of Paulin, Parsons and Pearson on Late Review as Tom attempted to find the hidden subversive anti-Israeli or anti-Palestinian agenda in the week’s programme of choice.
      “Well, I thought the use of a character called Sharon indicated an incisive commentary on the Israeli political structure, enhanced by the performance of the next door neighbour.”
      (But then Birds of a Feather was written by the writers for Day of the Daleks so some subversive political agenda was probably inevitable).

      • surliminal says:

        Oh I miss that so much..
        was Paulin worship an exclusively Edinburgh phenomenon..? I rember Scott Styles theory if it as a metaphor for the dilemma of the modern women .. torn between the willing New Lad and the deep but inexplicable Older Man..

        • Not sure if it was an Edinburgh thing, but certainly all of my friends (excepting Dr AJMS) were keen fans, most of us could do either a Parsons or Paulin impersonation, and we’d try to come up with possible subjects. One year (while the law school students arranged an annual show) we considered doing Late Review on the lectures. Nothing came of it. Nor our proposed wifeswapping sketch, which we were vetoed from putting on by the show’s organisers (as was Ken and George go birdwatching).

          • surliminal says:

            Oh wow please do both of these and I will come up and watch:-)
            My Book Club of Edin lawyers was my heartland of Paulin worship.
            I thought the Law Review died years ago – lives it still?
            Bizarrely I have noticed someone esle on LJ whop is going to the Spec Society despite being neither a lawyer nor I think an Edinburgh graduate – clearly we not only failed to kill the hydra but it has grown new limbs..

          • Ah, this was when I was a student in 93-4. No idea if the law review is still around. No publicity and students even more serious than my lot were years ago.
            On the specs, I was never ever asked to join (although I can’t say I’m disappointed). I’ve no idea what they do, but what is amusing is the assumption that some people make that I am/was a member. One professor furth of Edinburgh started talking to me about it one day, raising various matters (he had been a member) – and I had to tell them I had no idea what he was talking about.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads-up! Haven’t paid much attention to the South Bank Show in years; didn’t even realise Melvyn Bragg was still knocking them out now that the deregulated ITV has lost its public service remit and become a repository for Ross Kemp’s Celebrity Fat Nude Police Action and Footballer’s Wife Swap Island with Ant and Dec.

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