Supervoc for deputy – the campaign continues

Supervoc, a certain insubstantial careerist, is now a regular feature on the popular copyright infringer youtube.  If you search for Hazel Blears there you are linked to a clip from the League of Gentlemen series 3 (the Knight Rider parody) as well as SUpervoc fulfiling top voc functions at her local Tesco store.  The clip is below for your delectation.  Can the Labour party elect someone incapable of reaching even the second top shelf in a supermarket?

Now, while filling our youtube mini-screens with clips of her John Major style meanderings through Salford (add Dvorak’s Largo from The New World Symphony and off we go) and other instances of her conviviality and bonhomie Supervoc, lest we forget, is one of the anti-libertarian ministers that has staffed the Home Office in recent years under Fungus the Bogeyman and Field Major Styre.

During the 2005 election she “said false identity was present in a third of terrorist cases and claimed ID cards would aid the battle against terrorism.” and “said the police and intelligence services could not fight terrorism alone. It was necessary to look at what motivated people into becoming terrorists and to have a foreign policy which addressed some of the international issues which encouraged extremist activity. She appeared to acknowledge that ID cards would not have prevented Badat [one of the very few convited of terrorist activities under the nuLab terror legislation, and during an election too – how did they manage it?] from attempting to blow up a plane but said they could help fight “domestic” terrorism too. “We think that having an ID card scheme can help us to reduce the vulnerability of this country to the kind of incidents that have happened.” “  Now the causal connection between ID cards and the Badat case is not clear to me.  Nor is the basis for the statistic (oft used by the Home Office) that 1/3 of terrorist cases involve false identity (now is that 1/3 of convictions or instances where the security services tip off the police to arrest people with much publicity and no subsequent charges?).  But Supervoc was (and remains) prepared to trot this nonsense out.

Anyway, for more forensic demolition of  supervoc and her ills see septicisle here in the “sensible candidate for sensible idiots” post. 


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3 Responses to Supervoc for deputy – the campaign continues

  1. ramtops says:

    you bastard – you made me listen to Hazel Blears.

  2. pigeonhed says:

    By false identity perhaps she means the police got the wrong people?

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