Supervoc for deputy – the campaign continues

Supervoc, a certain insubstantial careerist, has (in the words of Phil Collinson, Doctor Who producer referring to the latest former Eastender/CBBC presenter to be cast in the new series of Doctor Who) raised the bar in her campaign for deputy leader of the Labour party (for previous see here).  

As well as being proud to show pictures of her with Field Major Dr Styre

(they are considering which set of Rutans should be next for locking up without trial or charges) and her informative videos about her childhood acting experiences Supervoc has produced a range of merchandise (brought to notice by Iain Dale).

She has mousemats (Supervoc astride a throbbing mechanical device not yet controlled by Taren Capel)

and in a bid to win a hug from Aardman’s own David Cameron 

(pictured sans Hoodie second from left on the top row)

she’s even got her own hoodie

These items are not available in the shops – and can only be obtained through the Supervoc for Deputy website.  Each will be signed by Styre, Professor Emil Keller, or Taren Capel (no relation of the less famous David), and can be flogged on E-Bay at a reduced rate soon after purchase

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3 Responses to Supervoc for deputy – the campaign continues

  1. She just gives me a nasty dose of Grimwade’s Syndrome.

  2. brooschlee says:

    This image, here makes it plain to see that Ms Blears has stared into the void and been frightened white as a sheet as she realises that the best she can ever hope for is to shoot for the crown of being deputy Prime Minister. Which, were I in charge, I would replace the word ‘Deputy’ with Not ever, No Way, No Never going to be the…

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