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Joe Pasquale

The other day the wonderful   tao_   (a rather well-known genius of a scriptwriter responsible for the best sketch show of the 1990s as well as the best sitcom and who should be on your F-list if not already)  posted a … Continue reading

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Protected: Harry Kewell

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Jack who?

In November last year I indicated that top political correspondent, Steve Richards, hadn’t heard of Jack McConnell getting his name wrong umpteen times in an article about Scotland.  The problem though is not limited to mere journos and GMTV presenters such … Continue reading

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Enter the new Hugh Grant (or Tony Randall)

Ricky Gervais has been cast in a romantic comedy.

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Caption competition

So, what were they really thinking?

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Who’s bugging Tommy? And other Sheridan news

Tommy Sheridan discovered a “wee aerial” in his car and has been told to have his house swept for bugs.  Mr Sheridan indicated that he does not believe it is the security services; and has denied that “it was planted … Continue reading

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Caption competition

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Tommy Sheridan update

Tommy has been bugged.  For the avoidance of doubt, it wasn’t me.

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Railways and the law

While browsing Alastair’s blog (the Heart Monitor) yesterday I noted that he had posted about an old contract law case – Carlill v Carbolic Smokeball Company taught to Alastair by his Latin teacher – and had posted some pictures of the … Continue reading

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Self-obsessed navel gazing – tags

I have checked my usage of tags and have the following top 10: television – 81 posts politics – 60 postsTommy Sheridan – 36 postsGame show – 26 postsFake game show – 26 postsNews – 23 postsSleaze – 23 postsLaw – … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day

It’s World Poetry Day so a poem Neighbour by Norman MacCaig His car sits outside the house.It never goes anywhere.  Is ita pet? When he goes for his morning paperhe makes a perfect right-angleat the corner. What does he do at home? Sit at … Continue reading

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Legal news – the risk of flying underwear

Dame Kiri has won her court case where she withdrew from a series of planned concerts because she felt there was a risk of being bombarded with flying underwear.  To clarify one key point of the decision, though: this is not … Continue reading

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From The Curtain by Milan Kundera

I’m currently reading Kundera’s most recent meditation on the novel, The Curtain (which shares a number of ideas and themes with his previous meditation on the topic, Testaments Betrayed).  There is a wonderful chapter about world literature, and how those … Continue reading

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Fire when Gordon’s in range!

Six months ago after the orchestrated resignations and letters that led to Blair’s statement that he’d be gone within the year  I wrote,“Gordon could not deliver his home constituency with a personally approved candidate in last year’s by election.  The … Continue reading

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The new Chris Morris project

Via Rob Buckley and his ever excellent TV blog it is suggested that casting has began on a new Chris Morris project: it is said by the Times to be about suicide bombers, like “an Islamic Young Ones”.    However, the … Continue reading

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Tesco to run the English health service (or something like that).

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News story of the month

I reprint this story from the BBC website in full.   Passer-by bowled over by nude OAP A pensioner is being sought by police after he was spotted driving naked around a bowling green in Perth on a motorised scooter. The … Continue reading

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via nhw   Must be my Norse blood, or I really should pay attention to the questions rather than randomly clicking boxes. You scored as Danish. Danish   75% Belgian   63% Swiss   50% British   50% Polish   … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Tommy Sheridan photo

I have not posted anything about the Tomster for a while.  He has been quiet, but the News International appeal is set down for December, his political party, Solidartomsc is flat-lining in he polls (0% in the last poll and … Continue reading

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Bruce Forsyth fantasy realised or The rural regeneration game

The longest conveyor belt in Europe is about to be launched.  If locals in Kirkconnel and New Cumnock can remember all of the items passing by they win a special bonus prize.

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