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Miscellany: Icke, Brian May, Jasper CArrott, Tommy Cooper, Doctor Who

While marking a PhD I’ve not yet had the time to put the review of The Verdict together.  In the interim, though enjoy the following: An interview with David Icke from Off the Telly – with comments on the Illuminati … Continue reading

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The Verdict: The Verdict

Do you want a review of The Verdict?  In a first for this LJ, an interactive element is now added.  I will respond to popular demand.     If successful I may adopt this for other regular features of this LJ – … Continue reading

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Petition news – don’t chip our children

As the Downing Street e-petitions website grows ever more monstrous and difficult to keep an eye on (and far easier to ignore), I turned to the Scottish parliament website and found one petition which deserves all of our support – … Continue reading

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Late Christmas treat

I’m not sure if my friends down south saw Scotland’s national drink celebrated in its Christmas advert (the Irn Bru Christmas advert based on The Snowman), but those kindly souls from Irn Bru (“made in Scoatland from girrders”) have placed … Continue reading

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Found dialogue – Bus stop

– Late again, eh? Christ.  A says, it’s late again son.–– Typical, eh? jist bloody typical.  That’s yir Tories fir yi.  Son, a says that’s yir Tories fir yi.–– Deregulation, son.  A says, deregulation.–– D’yi smoke son?– – Naw?  Well, aye.  … Continue reading

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Archer rejoices and other miscellaneous items

They’ve found Jeffrey’s missing statues – they must have been behind his monstrous ego – currently available for public consumption in The Verdict.  The police found them because they know everything, and are about to begin a world tour presumably hunting for terrorists … Continue reading

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The verdict on The Verdict

will follow when my children have recovered from chickenpox and I have more time to post. However, for those interested in these things day one is accessible here with full evidence, day two here with full evidence. The show has all … Continue reading

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Flax v fish: Is there a “doctor” in the house?

One of the most enjoyable reads of the week is the Bad Science column in The Guardian.  This morning, given more space in the pages of  G2, enjoy a detailed consideration of “Doctor” Gillian McKeith and the merits of holistic nutrition, … Continue reading

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PC gone good

The man has fixed my PC.  He replaced: the fan; the motherboard; some memory thing (apologies for non-tech explanation) and told Mrs Landg he is astonished the machine had worked at all. Hooray for PC-fixing (wo)men. 

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PC gone mad

A man is coming to fix my home PC today. Assuming all is well normal service will be resumed soon (ie working from home more, spending way too much time posting 😉 )

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Fake gameshows

Spare some change, mister? (2007) ITV1 After the success of ITV1’s first begging show, Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway, programme executives decided to take the next step.  Hosted by Jeremy Kyle the disenfranchised, the dispossessed, the homeless, the jobless, and other … Continue reading

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We’ve had a lovely day, Jim. We’d like to give someone else a chance

For those freeview viewers a heads-up that the original Bullseye is broadcast regularly in early evenings on FTN.  Thrill to Jim Bowen taking a couple of minutes to count out £80.  Rejoice as Bully checks the spelling by walking across … Continue reading

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Doctor Who news – Life in Magrs

For anyone who missed it in the new DWM.  The great Paul Magrs is writing one of the novels for this year’s autumn releases.  Having given up on the new series novels after the dire batch from last year, this … Continue reading

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Crook advises how to be on a jury

I have been sent the following video clip: advice on how to be a jury member by well known perjurer and philanthropist Lord Archer.  Watch as he almost lurches into Swiss Tony.  Edit the clip and send to friends so … Continue reading

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