Lies and the lying liars who tell them

It has been all quiet on the Sheridan front for a while but an update on the current state of play is worth noting.  The News International appeal against the decision has been set down for 2 weeks in December (comfortably past the Scottish elections).  That it has been set down for 2 weeks suggests they’re going for a perverse jury decision and will be closely analysing the evidence as appeals, even on complex legal topics can be covered in far briefer timescales.  I may make my way to court to provide impartial court reports in December.  When there is more information on timing and the court (through publication in the court rolls) I will of course let you know.

The main reason for today’s update and the heading is that the perjury investigation is making progress.  A preliminary report was sent to the Crown office late last year and full investigations are now proceeding.  The three women at the centre of the allegations against the Tomster (Ms McGuire, the prostitute whose story formed the basis of the original News of the World story; Ms Khan – the journalist who allegedly had a relationship with Mr Sheridan in the past and with whom the News of the World alleged that he had attended the Manchester swingers club; and Ms Trolle – the one crucial witness against Sheridan with no obvious political or financial motive) have been interviewed by police.  Further interviews are expected, and as yet the SSP MSPs involved (ROsie Kane, Carolyn Leckie, and Colin Fox) have not been questioned.  The Observer story suggests that the McNeilage video is crucial evidence, although the veracity of this has been denied by Sheridan who claimed its contents were concocted.

It is unlikely that anything will happen before the elections.

ETA And thanks to Shaz who brought the reports in today’s Scotland on Sunday to my attention including a Gail Sheridan profile which repeats a line that runs counter to Tommy’s own perspective on is wife’s attitude to infidelity (which I flagged up here).

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    On the ball
    keep up the good critical work.

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