Political news: Supervoc launches deputy leadership campaign

An insubstantial careerist has confirmed her challenge for Labour deputy leadership.

She is a woman of action.

She never knowingly misses a photo opportunity

And chooses her friends wisely

And remember her responding to the Lords decision in relation to the detention of terrorist suspects (for 3 years without charge at Belmarsh) in the Paxman interview on youtube (2 minutes 30 seconds in).  IN Ms Blears defence she did indicate to the Fabian Society that she “as a lawyer” was uncomfortable with some aspects of the anti-terror legislation.  However, she felt that the right balance had been struck by the legislation: which legislation (it is worth repeating) permits detention without trial, detention without knowing what is alleged against you, detention without being able to adequately receive advice from your legal team (which the detainee may have no role in appointing).  Additionally she was part of a ministerial team at the HOme Office at a time when in legal argument before the Lords it was argued by the state that evidence obtained by torture (or which might have been obtained by torture) should not be inadmissible evidence in supporting the unknown (to the public and the accused) allegations against the detainee.

Well good work Hazel on feeling that this strikes an appropriate balance, and good luck with your campaign.  Perhaps the party that brought us these delights, and where Prudence the Presbyterian sat back and let you and your ministerial colleagues in the Home Office push these things through, deserves you.

3.30 pm ETA hat-tip to Dizzy for pointing out her Hazel for deputy website and her campaign launch.  Less like an inept operator when she’s in charge of her own production, but the lighting! (although pleased to see that her self-controlled material still maintains her banal inanity).  The woman behind the terror laws is backed by a motley crew including Stephen Pound, Caroline Flint, Rosemary McKenna, and Blair’s own soldier, Eric Joyce.  Reasons given for supporting the Supervoc include,

Hazel is “an authentic voice of our streets” (no comment needed); she “speaks in a language people understand” (yep, English – aside from some parts of the Western Isles she’s onto a winner there – albeit not all English-speakers have the blank-faced automaton power of Hazel’s Supervoc); “She campaigns with an energy you don’t see too often”; and “a person of true integrity”.  And in Salford she apparently has an “ability in directly communicating with working people” (so did Tebbit, didn’t mean we agreed with him).



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6 Responses to Political news: Supervoc launches deputy leadership campaign

  1. Anonymous says:

    an “ability in directly communicating with working people”
    I’ve got that, too. I shout “out of the way, peasants” as I drive my Jag up the pedestrian precinct.
    (This is me testing out OpenID. Alfred. What larks!)

  2. tanngrisnir says:

    Possibly a wee bit unfair on the Voc robots?

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