Brooker on The Verdict

Charlies Brooker was quite generous about it – going against my Brooker intuition.

Once I’ve finished with the PhD I’m examining I’ll post on The Verdict, but lest anyone takes my silence as indicating Brooker like approval I should stress that I hated it.  It was sleazy, manipulative, sensationalist, and offensive, and offered no insight into the jury system.  The sensationalist nature of the attack featured, coupled with heavy tabloid involvement, and publicists, ill-served the purpose of the programme.  It made it a celebrity crime, judged by celebrities (only Peter Wimsey’s brother was capable of being tried by such a collection of genuine peers).  When contrasted with Consent on Channel 4 which featured a more realistic scenario (where the couple knew each other) the elements of the attack described in minute detail in court appeared designed for entertainment or titilation.  FUrther, the making of Consent involved a closed set filming of the attack to enable the two main actor witnesses to speak honestly (to deal with the which side has the better actors argument).  The making of The Verdict and the casting of the actors (and training of the actors) is shrouded in secrecy.

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