Flax v fish: Is there a “doctor” in the house?

One of the most enjoyable reads of the week is the Bad Science column in The Guardian.  This morning, given more space in the pages of  G2, enjoy a detailed consideration of “Doctor” Gillian McKeith and the merits of holistic nutrition, and high chlorophyll diets.  And ponder why on earth anyone wants a small whiny Scotswoman to come into their house and examine their bodily excretions?

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7 Responses to Flax v fish: Is there a “doctor” in the house?

  1. Cor – one of those ‘prestigious non-accredited universities’ eh?

  2. nmg says:

    Is Gillian McKeith a Scot? I was always under the impression that she was from Ulster…

    • From central Scotland, I think. According to her website she was raised in Scotland.
      She has one of those Americanised Scots accents that some Scots acquire when they live outwith the country for a time (cf Lulu).
      Her credentials are detailed on her site at
      As well as her doctorate she “holds a certificate from the London School of Acupuncture, a Diploma from the Kailash Centre for Oriental Studies and is currently enrolled in the Australian College of Herbal Medicine for qualification as a medical herbalist. She is a post graduate Member of The Centre for Nutrition Education, England.”
      “As a Holistic Nutritionist, Gillian McKeith spent almost 10 years working with clients in private practice. Although Gillian is not a medical doctor, she integrates and confers with various medical doctors for her work with clients. Her life mission is to empower people to improve their lives through information, food and lifestyle.”
      You might also be interested in the following

  3. brooschlee says:

    I loved that, read it online this morning and wish I could track down ol’ Dr. Ben and buy him a pint.
    Secondly – Why have you so far not chosen to comment on ‘The Verdict’? Aside from the fact it was awful, sometimes harrowing and pointless (Also I’m fairly sure someone’s not been following strict rules of evidence, since the Voire dire seemed to consist of ‘Oooh, let it in!’ ‘No! Don’t let it in!’ when it came to the discussion of the victim’s prior sexual history)

    • I’m going to do an overview of The Verdict after the final episode (having deliberately missed the one that clashes with Life on Mars) – a child with chickenpox means more detailed comment not feasible at the moment.
      Last night pretty much confirmed my gut reaction about it though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great article, I’m getting so exited as the Tomsters time must be coming soon cant wait for your comments.

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