Crook advises how to be on a jury

I have been sent the following video clip: advice on how to be a jury member by well known perjurer and philanthropist Lord Archer.  Watch as he almost lurches into Swiss Tony.  Edit the clip and send to friends so that all he says is “I know nothing”.  And thrill here to his blogged complaints about The Guardian (and ignoring the context that suggested that a convicted perjurer who would be ineligible to sit on a jury may not be the best person to sit on a jury to give an indication as to how the jury system works).

The clips merely confirm my initial reaction to The Verdict and mean that the rather interesting C4 programme the other week (where the jury were ordinary folk and exhibited the prejudices many are aware of and decided the case based on personal experience not the evidence presented) has been somewhat overshadowed.

And by the by, wasn’t Party Animals poor, and consequently adequately fulfilled its ambition to be a This Life for the noughties.

PS the PC forecast  home PC still inoperative – prognosis poor.  Possible sale of goods act action: imminent

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3 Responses to Crook advises how to be on a jury

  1. brooschlee says:

    When you first told the world about ‘The Verdict’ I was plainly in agreement – It is a crass, badly thought out and ironically cast piece of trash television, but after going home for Christmas and being exposed to the wonderful programming on Legal TV (Have You been injured? Stay glued to that set folks, You don’t even need to phone in anymore) they’ve been rerunning Crown Court, which a) I had never heard of before, despite it’s apparent ubiquity twenty years ago and b) is exactly the same thing, bar the odious inclusion of Jeff & Mikey P.

    • Crown Court is fantastic (and so many of today’s venerable TV actors appear in bit part roles as dodgy accountants and yoofs). The theme tune is embedded in my memory.
      Sadly while the courtroom stuff may be up to the same standard (as was that in the C4 show) I fear that the juryroom and the clash of egos thinking about their next Tv appearance is where things will go awry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    swiss jeffrey
    Well Jeff certainly knows about lies and the lying liars who tell them, so I suppose he’s particularly well qualified to be a TV juror. And I see what you mean about Swiss Tony – it’s particularly daring for him to venture a reference to his love of beautiful women (plural)- let’s hope his fragrant wife doesn’t see that bit.
    But, honestly, this must be the crassest enterprise that the BBC have ever engaged in – a convicted perjurer sitting on a jury – you couldn’t make it up, as Richard Littlejohn has undoubtedly said.

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