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Legal news – racially aggravated crime

 The House of Lords has unanimously rejected an appeal today where an accused argued that their conduct had not been a racially aggravated instance of a public order crime.  The facts are simple, “The victims in this particular case were … Continue reading

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Directors commentary

Calling blue_condition : Ken Korda’s directors commentary on The MInt (and testing video embeds which I’ve not used before).

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How to win fans and influence people – Avon’s calling

The classic series Doctor Who DVD releases for the coming few months have been confirmed by the BBC and in a bid to win over the fans of the new touchy feely series to the old “classic” Who a truly … Continue reading

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UK Olympic medal plans in full

Want a family member to compete in the Olympics?   ARe you between the ages of 16  and 25? Are you tall? Fancy getting to know other tall people rather well? Do you want to make love for your country? If … Continue reading

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Protected: FAO pickwick

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Oscar and Mrs Windsor

Someone reassure me that I wasn’t the only person who, when Dame Helen accepted the award, felt sure that in the tribute to HMQEII Dame Helen would follow the words “I salute her courage” with “and her indefatigibility”.

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Desert Island Fiction

It’s World Book Day on Thursday.  In anticipation I invite you to choose your desert island fiction.  As a self-imposed restraint one book per writer. My eight (as of today): Love and Garbage by Ivan Klima – dissident life in … Continue reading

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Lies and the lying liars who tell them

It has been all quiet on the Sheridan front for a while but an update on the current state of play is worth noting.  The News International appeal against the decision has been set down for 2 weeks in December … Continue reading

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Blearsy-eyed in Salford

The authoritarian Supervoc is promoting her kinder gentler image by broadcasting a film of her wandering the streets of Salford explaining where she came from and how it influenced her politics.  The last person to bang on about childhood in … Continue reading

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Political news: Supervoc launches deputy leadership campaign

An insubstantial careerist has confirmed her challenge for Labour deputy leadership. She is a woman of action. She never knowingly misses a photo opportunity And chooses her friends wisely And remember her responding to the Lords decision in relation to … Continue reading

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You say, we pay – new controversy

Following the You say we pay scandal that has reduced floppy haired Richard Madeley to a state of incandescence I fear a further scandal may be in the offing.  The promise implicit in the game is inaccurate.  Before the scandal … Continue reading

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Lord Pooter writes…

… and publishes.  A warning to book lovers everywhere Lord Pooter’s new novel, “THe Gospel According to Judas” is out next month.  I’m guessing that old CK Stead will be looking forward to loving reviews in comparison.  To celebrate the … Continue reading

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Caption competition

Picture 1 And 2 And 3

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Dragons Den proposals: WWRDD?

In a competitive modern marketplace I’ve decided to apply for the next series of Dragons Den with a new business proposal WWRDD (What Would Richard Dawkins Do?).  I anticipate a range of wristbands (rubber and woven), T-shirts (perhaps with a pic … Continue reading

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Fake gameshow

Murder (ITV 1 – unbroadcast pilot) It’s girls against boys as Sir Trevor MacDonald and Kate Thornton host the game show where two gender-based teams of celebrities, captained by Rose West and Dennis Nilsen from their current residences, compete to … Continue reading

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Real fake gameshows: Murder

The estimable Rob Buckley provides a valuable service to his readers by rounding up the entertainment news.  Today he has drawn this to general attention.   SPike TV is going to make “Murder” where a Texan detective hosts two teams solving … Continue reading

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Hyberbolic advertising – an occasional series

Classic FM, 8.45 am (ish) this morning “DAB digital radio is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  The best thing ever.”

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Brooker on The Verdict

Charlies Brooker was quite generous about it – going against my Brooker intuition. Once I’ve finished with the PhD I’m examining I’ll post on The Verdict, but lest anyone takes my silence as indicating Brooker like approval I should stress that … Continue reading

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Just another brick in the wall

The Lego Thriller – courtesy The Guardian Guide

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Deal or no deal

One of my earliest posts related to TV’s Deal or no Deal, the vehicle for the resurrection of Noel Edmonds (now available patronising Sarah Sutton on a Doctor Who DVD box set near you). For one take on the show, … Continue reading

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