Shirley McKie

I travel on the train from Falkirk to Edinburgh and often bump into MSPs.  last week the Tomster was on the train facing me – although he tried to cover his face with the Herald to maintain anonymity (he’s much shorter in real life than you’d imagine).

This morning, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson (host of the most bouffant hairstyle in the Scottish parliament) sat in front of me merrily reading the Justice committee draft report into the Scottish fingerprint service (ie the Shirley McKie report).  Can I suggest to Mr Stevenson that if he wishes to keep the contents of the report secret he should be more careful in future and not sit holding the pages in the middle of the aisle while sitting at a table seat, sighing and tutting and occasionally nodding (and what was so boring about the page with detailed quotes that he simply glanced at it before putting it to one side)?  Lawyers are told to be careful with confidential material on trains.  Perhaps MSPs could be similarly advised.

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5 Responses to Shirley McKie

  1. mippy says:

    A poster on a message board I post to was on a train with an Endemol researcher. Said researcher spoke loudly to a potential guest all about their sex-change operation, hung up, then laughed about the details with a friend/ Sigh.

    • Shocking stuff. But perhaps given recent events with endemol perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised…
      A couple of years ago a lawyer friend sat behind two people on a train discussing a deal where the two people were acting for the buyer. They identified the weak points in their offer to buy, where they didn’t want to get questions, and boasted about how they were getting one over on the small firm on the other side. My friend then got to the office and raised all the queries. He was acting for the seller.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mckie etc
    I used to be a frequent traveller on the Glasgow/Edinburgh line, and it really was quite amazing the kinds of information you could pick up just by keeping your eyes and ears half open. MSP’s, lawyers, judges, members of the general assembly, captains of industry (well, sergeants anyway) etc – all blithely of the apparent view that their conversations could not be heard and that the documents they put on the table could not be read. I am not a nosy person, but if someone lays the McKie report down in front of me then of course I’m going to read it.

    • Re: mckie etc
      He was brandishing it so exuberantly that my attention (previously immersed in the delights of cross border insolvency) was attracted. When I saw the words DRAFT REPORT and SCRO on the first page he brandished my attention caught I proceeded to enjoy a free preview of much of the report.
      (ALthough I am wondering what the MSP for Banff and Buchan was doing on a Glasgow-Edinburgh commute).

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: mckie etc
        perhaps he was sampling the delights of the falkirk high station shabby waiting room? or trying to catch a glimpse of articles on cross-border insolvency? đŸ˜‰
        truly a shocking state of affairs though on the part of an MSP. as a liberal democrat i have become increasingly disillusioned with the political landscape at the present (especially having the somewhat moribund menzies campbell, and more than mealy-mouthed nicol stephen as leaders)

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