Cash for Honours

I’m slightly bemused to see that Jack McConnell has been interviewed by police with a awyer present but not under caution in the cash for honours probe.  My bemusement does not arise form the fact that the godfather of the cosy nostra (Labour Lanarkshire mafia) has been queried – keen viewers of Scottish politics would assume that Cathy Jamieson’s rise to the top could perhaps be best explained by non-political reasons.  My bemusement arises from the peerage the query was in relation to: that for Colin Boyd QC, former Lord Advocate.  Lord Boyd was – to the bemusement of some Scots lawyers on his original appointment – the first Lord Advocate not to given a peerage for over twenty years; he had not been given a peerage when appointed solicitor general (his previous job) when previous incumbents had been given a peerage.  Law officers that were not MPs have ended up in the Lords.  LOrd Boyd’s successor as solicitor general for Scotland, Neil Davidson was appointed a peer (and is now advocate general).  Finally giving Lord Boyd a peerage for legal political service does not seem an unreasonable use of the system (given past precedent – personally, though, I’d do away witht he whole shebang and replace the Upper House with an elected senate but that’s by the by).  That this peerage is being investigated indicates (a) they’re being very thorough; or (b) the polis don’t understand the political system; or (c) both.  Sadly, for me, given the importance of the enquiry and the crucial role it has in cleansing the stables this news now has me doubting some aspects of the enquiry.

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