Happy birthday to the UK

So, 300 years today since the Treaty of Union.  And who do the Beeb invite on to Breakfast to debate it this morning?  Some architect, and Aggie from that cleaning show on Channel 4.  What dumbing down?

Later today, rising inflation debated by Jackiey from Celebrity Big Brother and Grace from Cirque de Celebrite.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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9 Responses to Happy birthday to the UK

  1. giantweazle says:

    Today’s Question Time comes to you from Rotherham and we are joined by the Chuckle Brothers.

    • And they’d be more impressive than many…
      Perhaps they could carry a large box to the Question Time table while doing their innovative “to me, to you” routine?
      Coming soon: The ethics of capital punishment with Byron Wordsworth, Jelly and Jackson from Storymakers.

      • giantweazle says:

        Please not Jelly and Jackson. “Ethics of capital punishment” – it’s a blue cow story. Wordsworth Byron may have some interesting input.
        Wouldn’t it be great if cartoons could appear on topical news shows. Tonight’s newsnight is brought to you by Duck Dodgers and Captain Caveman.

        • burkesworks says:

          They already do. One of them is called Natasha Kaplinsky.

          • giantweazle says:

            I have no idea why, and I doubt there is any logic in this at all, but I always thought she would make a good character for “Top Cat” or Daphne from Scooby Doo’s less attractive older sister. She certainly wouldn’t have made it into Captain Caveman’s “Teen Angels”.

  2. How the c**ting f**k did Jackiey get that name? Are levels of literacy so low in the sh*thole she sprung from that nobody spell-checked the birth certifiate?
    I’m sure our sink estates are full of Shardonays these days.

  3. burkesworks says:

    Bad enough that the Beeb wheeled on Billy Bragg to talk about the Government Big Brother Database on The Daily Politics yesterday, though to be fair Bragg’s been a fairly prominent NuLabr supporter for years.
    Could have been a lot worse; I await Jamie Theakston, Chris Eubank and Carol Sodding Vorderman taking over at the helm of Panorama fairly soon, close on the heels of Joe Pasquale asking the questions in Mastermind and one of them off Take That who isn’t the fat dancer or the even fatter accountant to take over on University Challenge. And why not have Lembit Opik and his Cheeky Girl reading the news?

    • giantweazle says:

      Are you thinking about the one with the lisp and dreadlocks, that would be great.
      I do so hope that Lembit and his cheeky girl become the new Keith Harris and Orvill.

  4. ravensthorpe says:

    Maybe the government should be replaced by the My Parents are Aliens team. After all, no matter what goes wrong, they always manage to sort it out in a comical and entertaining manner in 20 minutes and turning yourself into handy household objects by eating ice cream is a performance criteria Gordon Brown simply can’t match.

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