Whatever happened to Jocky Wilson?

AFter tthe first six sets of tonight’s BDO final, I thought we were seeing the worst darts final of all time.  Adams, playing adequately was trouncing Nixon, who was failing to put any pressure on at all.  Then after the break Nixon won six in a row to take the match into a decider.  At which point he imploded and Adams won.  The quality was not great, but it was undeniably exciting.  Nixon was quite short and rotund, rather like one of the great darting icons of the past – Jocky Wilson.  Wilson was the subject of a rather sad article in today’s Observer detailing what happened to him when he finished playing professionally.


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4 Responses to Whatever happened to Jocky Wilson?

  1. Ah but did you see de Ruiter/Robson in the quarter-final? Now that was darts.

    • I enjoyed Robson’s games. He was such a streak-y player that from nowhere he’d bang in some 12 – 15 dart legs for a couple of sets and force his opponent to improve. It’s sad to see the quality deteriorate so much overall this year without Barney. The 3 dart averages for the semis and final must have been the worst for some time.

  2. mippy says:

    That did indeed make me sad.

    • Growing up in Scotland Jocky WIlson was a real icon, all the kids knew his name. He was one of the few Scottish sporting success stories. There are a number of great stories about him. He once picketed a darts tournament over the poor prize money.
      Learning about his illnesses (physical and emotional) really moved me.

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