Field Marshall Dr Styre speaks to the nation

In a wide-ranging speech yesterday Field-Marshall Dr Styre has fuelled speculation as to whether or not he wishes to succeed General Sontar when the General reliniquishes his command following a sharp blow to the probic vent from Assistant Rutan Yates later in the year.  

He indicated that New Sontar must continue after General Sontar if the mighty forces of the Sontaran Empire are to continue to dominate the galaxy.   He also backed Field Marshall Dr Linx’s record but stopped short of endorsing him as General Sontar’s successor.   Speaking to the mighty Sontaran forces poised to vanquish the Vardans in a mere skirmish on the way to outright Sontaran glory against the shapeshifting Rutans Field Marshall Dr Styre said Sontar should remain “New Sontar” if it is to maintain its intergalactic supremacy. He said it should continue to adapt itself to the aspirations of the majority of Sontarans, through subjugating outsiders and introducing a compulsory identity card system for the cloned race.  Aiming to satsify the militaristic aspirations of the Sontarans is crucial, even if they now aspired to different things than when General Sontar was first cloned millennia ago on account of a little local difficulty in Gallifrey, and Earth, and in the Androgum project.

He said the Rutans would try to “sow the seeds” of revolution among the subjugated implying that New Sontar would end when General Sontar stood down. But he insisted New Sontar’s values were shared by every member of the military leadership. And he mounted a defence of Field Marshall Dr Linx, who he said had been the victim of “personal attacks” by the Rutans.   “Field Marshall Dr Linx is an honourable Sontaran who squats above anything any thing in the Rutan alliance has ever aspired to or could ever aspire to”.   But he also said General Sontar’s departure would raise doubts in the minds of the subjugated peoples of the galaxy as to whether the malign infringement of being’s rights would continue, especially as Rutan leader Wallace Aardman the Rutan was, in Field Marshall Dr Styre’s words, “doing well” in presentational terms with his controversial “Hug a Bandril” policy.

“With the departure of General Sontar, the subjugated masses working on our prison planets will start asking again whether Sontar will stay New Sontar.  And with the arrival of Wallace Aardman, they will no doubt ask, can Sontar still win as the military alliance best suited to crush any resistance of belief in individual liberty?” Field Marshall Dr Styre said the answer to both “connected” questions was yes. “If we remain true to the New Sontaran approach then we can, we should, and I believe we will secure and deserve another millennium of subjugation and suppression.” He went on: “The Rutans will try to argue that General Sontar equals New Sontar. They will say that when General Sontar goes New Sontar goes with him. That is not the case and we must show that it is not true.”  Field Marshall Dr Styre suggested that rather than being the product of one (albeit one whose people have largely been cloned in his image) – General Sontar – the New Sontar concept is the product of many millennia of work and will produce an empire that will last for eternity – or until the galaxy implodes, whichever is sooner.

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