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Hiatus in transmission

My new PC (see previous posts about the death of my last PC) is kaput.  The memory had a fault and the entire system crashed yesterday.  A blue screen appeared and whirring noises in the big box are now accompanied … Continue reading

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All elections are (potentially) illegal : Scottish court rules today (VERY LONG)

Today a tremendously important court case has been decided that may postpone the Scottish parliamentary elections (and lead to the postponement of English local elections) later this year.  Smith v Scott is a Registration Appeal Court case involving a prisoner’s … Continue reading

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LIfe on Mars promo

Thank you to Rob Buckley who has drawn attention to the excellent Life on Mars/Camberwick Green trailer.  Rob’s site has a wonderful picture of Gene, Sam, and villain in model form. The BBC4 repeats for Life on Mars continue, and … Continue reading

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Shirley McKie

I travel on the train from Falkirk to Edinburgh and often bump into MSPs.  last week the Tomster was on the train facing me – although he tried to cover his face with the Herald to maintain anonymity (he’s much … Continue reading

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Rumour of the day

So is it true that Sir Menzies Campbell turned down a senior judicial position in the Scottish courts in offers from two successive Prime Ministers? Edited to correct wording 1.41 pm. 

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Cash for Honours

I’m slightly bemused to see that Jack McConnell has been interviewed by police with a awyer present but not under caution in the cash for honours probe.  My bemusement does not arise form the fact that the godfather of the … Continue reading

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Legal news

So, the priapic Judge John Deed may actually be more realistic than I’d otherwise imagined.

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Liberal Democrat home affairs (nowt to do with Lembit Opik) and a prediction on Scottish politics

I am not a gambling man, but in the predictions for the year I have predicted that Nick Clegg (who was rather impressive on Question Time last week) will be the Lib Dem leader at the end of the … Continue reading

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For crime fans

There’s a small publisher, Bitter Lemon Press, publishing crime fiction and thrillers in translation.  As with Harvill (which has cornered the nordic crime market) and Serpent’s Tail (with the early David Peace, Walter Mosley, Vicki Hendricks et al), my experience … Continue reading

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2007 – if there is hope it lies in the proles.

It was a bright cold day in January and the clock struck thirteen.  Anthony Charles Lynton Smith sat in his room and poured some bottled water into a cracked cup.  The room was small, the magenta paint peeling slightly in … Continue reading

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There’s only one word for this

Magic darts

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Scott of the Antarctic

I’m just going outside. I may be some time.

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Big Brother – the solution: Big Ron

Enter stage left: Big Ron He can wear glasses like Jermaine He doesn’t stand for nonsense. And he could explain to some contestants how racial slurs can damage all of your media opportunities.

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Ten things that can be worn – the answers

10.  A carpet.  9.  Rawl plugs.  I’m surprised that no-one that got through guessed that.  8.  A hole in a pair of shoes.  7.  Rick Stein’s dog, Chalky.  6. Bananas.  5. A hole in a sleeve  4.  A quoit as … Continue reading

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Proposed ITV Play question

Can you name ten things that can be worn? If so I’d love to hear from you.  Comment now.  I used to be on Big Brother you know.   Comments cost 60p each.(*)  Some may be summarily deleted.  I won’t read most … Continue reading

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What items would you find in a woman’s handbag?

This burning question was asked on the evil that is ITV Play.  If you want to play along look away now.  Oh, and for the real effect send us a tenner every five minutes and after half an hour I’ll consider … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to the UK

So, 300 years today since the Treaty of Union.  And who do the Beeb invite on to Breakfast to debate it this morning?  Some architect, and Aggie from that cleaning show on Channel 4.  What dumbing down? Later today, rising … Continue reading

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Legal and religious and sports news – yes, it’s Donald Findlay QC

One of Scotland’s leading criminal advocates is Donald Findlay QC, former vice chairman of Rangers FC.  Mr Findlay’s Rangers connection and association with some of the sectarian aspects surrounding Rangers FC has led him into trouble previously following his joke … Continue reading

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Create your own visitor map!

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Whatever happened to Jocky Wilson?

AFter tthe first six sets of tonight’s BDO final, I thought we were seeing the worst darts final of all time.  Adams, playing adequately was trouncing Nixon, who was failing to put any pressure on at all.  Then after the … Continue reading

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