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The perfect game – power game

In seeking solace I came across the Power at his best courtesy of youtube

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Sycophants of the UK unite

So, Zara Phillips has won the sports personality of the year award.    Well, I hope the public is satisfied.  My children will now go without Christmas.  A satsuma and a chocolate penny.  That’s it for them, now.  It seemed as … Continue reading

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More about Phil Taylor

This evening is the opportunity for fans of BBC Midlands sports personality of the year, Phil “Phil “the power” Taylor” Taylor, world professional darts champion of the world, indeed for anyone who cares about the BBC sports personality of the … Continue reading

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4 on demand

It sounded great in theory.  Channel 4 this week launched their 4 on demand site where you can rent various classics from the Channel 4 back catalogue (including GBH).  As yet it’s not available for Mac users.  You have to … Continue reading

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St Paul’s letter to the Archaeologists

Oi. Leave me alone. Paul

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The right to privacy

The other day Justice Eady did something very peculiar.  He granted an injunction in favour of mysterious shadowy married father and “high profile figure in the sports world” CC which prevents AB, the husband of BB – a woman with whom CC … Continue reading

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Celebrity Big brother – rumoured guests

According to the Orange entertainment pages (which read the tabloids so I don’t have to) the rumoured entrants for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother are the following: Whitney Houston (clearly part of a CIA inspired plot to trap … Continue reading

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The borrowers afloat: Labour funding in the 21st century

David Hencke has an article on today’s Comment is free website where he suggests that various Labour lawyers are trying to have the loans to the Labour party declared ultra vires the party.  If ultra vires the party – the … Continue reading

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E-petition update

I look away from the e-petitions site for a week and suddenly it doubles in size.  The top five are currently We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures Scrap the planned vehicle … Continue reading

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Hazel has a scream or the bland leading the bland

Top political story of the day is that a certain insubstantial careerist met with a shrieking US politician to discuss t’internet.  Apparently they’re discussing how to raise money over t’internet.  May I suggest the following foolproof technique. Hello Dear , … Continue reading

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Sports personality of the year redux

The dastardly nature of the English cricketers knows no bounds in their campaign to have Monty Panesar voted sports personality of the year ahead of the obvious choice, Phil “the power” Taylor.  Having attained a successful position minus Monty they … Continue reading

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Power frenzy

He’s done it.  After winning the world professional darts championship of the world for the 746th time darts legend Phil “the power” Taylor will finally get an invite to the BBC sports personality of the year show having been shortlisted … Continue reading

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Craig Hinton

One of the great things about reading Doctor Who novels is that the novelists are accessible.  Many have their blogs, some are here on LJ (some on my F-list), and many post or have posted to the Jade Pagoda Yahoo … Continue reading

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Field Marshall Dr Styre speaks

Field Marshall Dr Styre has addressed the press of Sontar.  In recent years the military might of the Sontaran empire has been stretched by an ongoing war on abstract nouns and shapeshifting Rutans.  The Rutans, whose system of beliefs differ … Continue reading

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Not the top telly moments of the year

1.  Celebrities in a house demonstrating complex emotions using the medium of dance. 2.  Celebrities on horses. 3,.  Celebrities falling off horses. 4.  Celebrities cutting hair. 5.  Celebrities singing (especially Gillian McKeith). 6.  Celebrities in a circus. 7.  Celebrities and … Continue reading

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Tommy Sheridan update

It has been fairly quiet on the Tommy front recently but two new matters of interest.  First the other day pickwick   noted that the Tomster is interested in appearing in Celebrity Big Brother – no doubt a few topless … Continue reading

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Paxman promotes new Newsnight idea

There is always something delightful about Jeremy Paxman dealing with editorial suggestions on Newsnight – from his disdain for the handover to Newsnight Scotland, to his treatment of the short-lived weather forecast.  Now, they’re trying to force him to promote … Continue reading

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What makes a film British?

Every now and again you encounter something beyond satire.  Today, try “The Films (Definition of “British Film”) (No 2) Order 2006″ a draft statutory instrument which will modify the definition of “British film” in the Films Act 1985 by working on … Continue reading

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Television of the year as chosen by Radio Times readers

The Radio Times readers have spoken and chosen various moments of the year.  These moments are (my translations) 1.  Rose and the Doctor bid farewell up the fjords in Doomsday.  The emotion is turned up to 11 by Murray Gold … Continue reading

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The Scottish Parliament today passed the bankruptcy and diligence etc (scotland) Bill.  As was apparent from Newsnight Scotland there is a furore about land attachments – a new form of debt enforcement that will allow a creditor to attach land … Continue reading

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