The TV event of 2006 – Colbert at the WHite House press correspondents dinner

IN gathering my TV highlights of the year the other week I omitted one favourite that I did not see on British television, but only on-line.

Every year the White House press corps have a dinner with the President. This serves to humanise the President who takes a little gentle ribbing, and makes fun of himself. This year the British news reports (and the American ones – for comment see here) focused on BUsh’s self-parody where he and an impersonator mangled English together. The satirical speech of Colbert “defending” Bush, having a go at the press, McCain, Fox News, Justice Scalia, the mayor from New Orleans &c did not go down well within the room with the press corps, or the distinguished guests, it didn’t go down well with BUsh and Mrs Bush, and it didn’t miss a target.  

The speech is on-line from two sources:  

from vidiac (14 minutes omitting a spoof audition to be press secretary)

Click to see Video

or from Google Video:

Colbert Roasts President Bush – 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

24 min 10 sec – 29-Apr-2006

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