E-petition update

Well, with no new Christmas petition from Cliff Richard the top e-petitions are

as follows:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy Peter Roberts 20 February 2007 53360
repeal the Hunting Act 2004. Nick Onslow FRES 15 November 2007 16241
scrap the proposed introduction of ID cards Paul Neath 15 February 2007 7335
champion the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by not replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system. Dr. Benedict Young 17 February 2007 6207
Reverse the decision not to award D.C Stephen Oake a posthumous George Cross. Dave Brettell 15 February 2007 5913
Proclaim St David’s Day as a national holiday in Wales. O. A. Jones 20 February 2007 5444
Support the recent application to the UK Civil Aviation Authority for direct flights between London and Ercan airport in northern Cyprus. Atalay Cholak 5 April 2007 4531
Change the law to permit our target pistol shooters to prepare properly for international and Olympic competitions. Richard V Malbon 20 November 2007 4061
introduce legislation to solve the short term funding problems that have been caused by the cuts that Defra has made, and threatens to continue, to the budgets of British Waterways and the navigations the Environment Agency, and to ensure that long-term funding is made available to enable the inland navigation authorities to maintain, improve and restore these important parts of our national heritage. Will Chapman 21 February 2007 3594
Proclaim St Georges Day as a National Holiday for England Andrew Norman 16 January 2007 3480
Abolish all faith schools and prohibit the teaching of creationism and other religious mythology in all UK schools Nicola Holt 15 November 2007 3256

The supplanting of the Hunting Act petition took place a little while ago.  Noteworthy is that the idea of a Welsh national holiday seems more popular than an English one.  Of course in Scotland from next year we get our own voluntary public holiday in the legislation passed by the Parliament.

Among petitions rejected by the Prime Minister’s office is the one to allow for the broadcast of Stephen Colbert on More 4 (which I endorse); the one to bring back The A Team (rejected because it was outside the powers of government); and the one by guido calling on the Prime Minister to go now (rejected because it contained party political material and reference to an ongoing criminal investigation (what could that mean?))

New petitions include calling on the Prime Minister to:

Save the red squirrels;
recommend Monty Panesar for a peerage;
ensure cricket commentator Richie Benaud receives a knighthood. (FAO Mr 

Posthumously award Bob Paisley a knighthood;
distribute one copy of the book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell to every British Citizen. (because “All citizens of Britain need a copy of this book so that they can read it in order to protect themselves against dishonest and oppressive tactics used by any government to gain effective dictatorial control over it’s peoples whilst at the same time pretending to give it’s peoples a democratic choice.”)
Support Welsh freedom;
Reduce Crime by making Modern Life Easier (because “A lot of crime is caused by people with the educational level of an eleven year old. It seems clear that for many crime is chosen because it is all that they are intellectually capable of, modern life is just too difficult for them to understand. Try getting an eleven year old to run a household and you will soon find them “turning to crime” not because they are morally lacking, but because they do not understand how “legal” society works.”);
Get rid of usless maths topics. eg. Algebra, Angles etc;
abolish parliament;
Ban Christmas (by Mrs V Jenkins because “No one actually enjoys it and it costs a fortune.”)
allow wrestling outside the curriculum;
Get tony Blair to read these petitions;
Attend this site and, every month or so, provide detailed account about petitions that come under your consideration. (as my dad would say, “Aye, right”);

and one we can all endorse (it’s not from Mr

is it?)

establish a law that forbids hairdressers and fish and chip shop owners from giving their establishments silly names.

The heartfelt plea argues that

“We the undersigned say enough is enough. Each town should be permitted one fish and chip shop called ‘The Cod Father’ and one hairdresser called ‘Beyond the Fringe’. We will laugh and make reference to it in polite conversation, however any more than one of each is just silly.

Further more we the undersigned ask that the law forbids international toy shops from corrupting the nations children by abrieviating the word ‘are’ and reversing the central letter as a gimmick.”

In my home town there was a hairdressers called “Manely Men”. 

I would like to see the compulsory introduction of pictures of haircuts on the walls of hairdressers.  I remember as a child a trip to the barber was not complete without examination of the pictures of haircuts (obviously done at other barbers) which were on the wall.  This was not a phenomenon of one local barber.  Each I used had pictures of haircuts.  For those without the necessary descriptive skills – pointing at a picture of a man’s head exhibiting your favourite haircut was perfectly acceptable as a mode of communication.  Sadly all of the haircuts were equally bad (and on closer inspection showed a marked similarity to the haircuts of barbers).  

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2 Responses to E-petition update

  1. giantweazle says:

    I wish that were my petition, but alas it is not. I will be supporting it though.

  2. ravensthorpe says:

    The Scottish sandwich shop called “Blessed R” should get an exemption though.

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