More about Phil Taylor

This evening is the opportunity for fans of BBC Midlands sports personality of the year, Phil “Phil “the power” Taylor” Taylor, world professional darts champion of the world, indeed for anyone who cares about the BBC sports personality of the year rewarding success to vote for Phil the power.

Phil’s website reveals more about the complex figure.  For biographical information see here which provides a full CV of his success.  he has been 13 times world champion – dominating his sport since 1990 with a run of success comparable with that of any British sports star.  

However, for those not persuaded by Phil’s sporting talent revel in the following information about Phil’s favourites:

Food: Chinese
Drink: Peppermint Tea
Film: Zulu

Holiday Destination :

Album: Joe Cocker
Car: Jaguar
T.V. Program : Rising Damp

Would it not say more about modern British culture to have Phil as sports personality of the year, rather than a golfer – who is deeply uncomfortable about having been nominated ; some boxers (competing in a sport many would ban); Jenson (6th in the world championship” BUtton; or a man that can’t get in the team even thogh the coach apparently wants him?  

And if you must vote for athletic endeavour at least cast the vote for Nicole Cook or Beth Tweddle, whose genuine international achievements deserve wider recognition.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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