Celebrity Big brother – rumoured guests

According to the Orange entertainment pages (which read the tabloids so I don’t have to) the rumoured entrants for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother are the following:

Whitney Houston (clearly part of a CIA inspired plot to trap Osama bin Laden, who my regular reader will recall was obsessed with her);
Adam Ant (well ridicule is nothing to be scared of);
Derek Acorah – star of TV’s Doctor Who;
Grace Jones (still notorious in the Uk for hitting Russell Harty);
Kevin Federline (never heard of him, but he’s apparently just separated from someone famous);
Tommy Sheridan (never heard of him either 😉 – the hero of my LJ (responsible for nearly 10% of my total posts) who will no doubt be concerned that Whitney’s involvement is part of a CIA/MI5 plot to change his voice by tampering with computer graphics like the BBC promotional advert with Elvis in it);
Su “Peggy offoff Hi de Hi” Pollard (It’s Peggy offoff Hi de Hi – just thank the lord it isn’t Paul Shane or Jeffrey Holland attempting to resume a comedy career);
David Hasselhoff (freed from his panto obligations by the intervention of the Fonz, the Hoff has previously this year  been involved in a freak chandelier accident);
Sarah Harding (never heard of her – apparently she’s blond);
Jeffrey Archer (another friend of this LJ and ideal companion for late night political chats with the Tomster.  Perhaps they can compare backs); and
Professor Stephen Hawking (chess notation !?)

This may of course be completely made up by the people at Orange but any other Celebrity Big Brother suggestions gratefully received.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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