Craig Hinton

One of the great things about reading Doctor Who novels is that the novelists are accessible.  Many have their blogs, some are here on LJ (some on my F-list), and many post or have posted to the Jade Pagoda Yahoo newsgroup, or to the Outpost gallifrey forum.  It can be a bit of shock to post a comment on something you enjoyed and discover the author writing back.  Even if you lurk on those boards or in reading the blogs you feel that you get to know the person behind the writer, even if only a little.  One of the entertaining correspondents on OG and other places was Craig Hinton.  He wrote a number of DW novels, including Synthespians, Millenial RItesand audios including Excelis Decays.  Those of his novels that I have read were great fun, and in his novels he achieved something many fans may have thought impossible in making Mel Bush a sympathetic entertaining character.   

It has been announced on the Outpost gallifrey forum this evening that Craig Hinton passed away earlier today.  This came as a huge shock.  Sincere condolences to his friends and loved ones.

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