Television of the year as chosen by Radio Times readers

The Radio Times readers have spoken and chosen various moments of the year.  These moments are (my translations)

1.  Rose and the Doctor bid farewell up the fjords in Doomsday.  The emotion is turned up to 11 by Murray Gold (this is not a good thing, for the avoidance of doubt).  And turned down to – 11 by the appearance of TV “comic” Catherine bloody Tate.
2.  David Walliams swims through the Channel effluent collection
3.  A recovering anorexic shouts about a plastic enhanced “golden ticket” winner before going Veruca Salt on us in Big Brother.
4.  Life on Mars – Sam meets Gene “I’m having hoops”.
5.  Ronnie Corbett snorts coke for the amusement of Ricky Gervais – who has not yet been affected by the curse of David Bowie (Bolan, Crosby, we know what he does?  A thin white duke of disaster)
6.  Graeme Harper’s paroxysms of delight as Cybermen smash through the Tyler windows
7.  David Bowie (while readying himself to remove the last breath from Gervais’s body) sings about a pathetic little fat man on Extras.
8.  Helen Mirren disappoints my wife who had read on Teletext that Tennyson would die at the end of Prime Suspect.  Having successfully negotiated the child killer and young Tomkinson as a teacher who sleeps with students (it’s all a long way from Ballykissangel)  she fails to die in a pool of her own vomit while slumped in an alcoholic stupor.
9.  CSI.  Some characters are having a relationship.  But it’s on Channel Five so only half a dozen viewers have noticed.
10.  Zidane responds to Materazzi’s suggestion that he is only good enough to play for Greenock Morton, while promoting his then upcoming Douglas Gordon directed film, Escape from Victory.  Thrill to Motty missing it, while the radio commentary team is on the ball as usual.

So what are your top telly moments of 2006?  

My selection will follow.

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7 Responses to Television of the year as chosen by Radio Times readers

  1. peeeeeeet says:

    My list which is off the top of my head and almost certain wrong and I can’t remember what was slightly more than a year ago or what: Maybe spoilers too but I just don’t care.
    1) Galactica freefalls through the atmosphere of New Caprica in the most audacious rescue mission in TVSF since Babylon 5’s endgame.
    2) Dr House is shot. Eventually it turns out existentialism was to blame.
    3) Eric Cartman is finally tamed by a Dog Whisperer after driving a British supernanny to insanity in moments.
    4) Someone neglects to type in the numbers and press the button down the hatch. All hell breaks loose, because of a big magnet or something.
    5) Stewie and Brian: “Why can’t we just do all the things we would do with a girl, only with our buddies?” “We can. It’s called being gay.” “Oh that’s what being gay is? Yeah I could totally go for that.”
    6) Galactica discovers a habitable planet, and suddenly it’s an entirely different series.
    7) Dr Foreman is infected with a deadly something or other. Dr House drills into his brain for the lolz.
    8) A Girl is found in a Fireplace.
    9) A store owner to Eric Cartman: “It doesn’t matter how long you stay here pacing up and down, you won’t make the Wii come out any faster.”
    10) Jeremy Paxman interviews Tom Baker’s ex wife’s husband about religion and genetics and that.
    Bubbling under there: BMX bandit and Angel Summoner fight crime: “I’ll ride over there, pop a wheelie…” “Yeah, or I could just summon a horde of angels.”; Bowie croons to Ricky Gervais; Daleks, Cybermen and Torchwood have a big fight where everyone loses; Mr Eco generally; BSG does an episode from the point of view of Galactica!Boomer and Caprica!Six, and even calls her Caprica!Six; Ronnie Corbett is caught short in the gents; and House vs God.

  2. surliminal says:

    They aren’t bad actually – um is that Ronnie Corbett onefor real?
    I’d certainly add Jeremy Paxman sniffing atdiscovering the plight of his great great etc mother in the poorhouse for fallen women – and various ends of Heroes eps but I suppose they don’t count.
    SFX seems to be trying to promote LOM as the New Who plus trying to concince us Gwen from TW is The Sex – dream on šŸ™‚

    • surliminal says:

      And yeh, looking at the above list I’d go with Lost finale, and Daleks and Cybermen mix it up šŸ™‚

    • Yep, Ronnie C was in Extras. Moira Stuart was the dealer. How I laughed…
      Life on Mars was better than Who IMO, mainly due to the great Gene Hunt, and John Simm being unable to do any wrong.
      Gwen is – as the Behind the sofa blog has noted – subject to The Mill CGI as they are creating the gap between her teeth. This is mirroring the growth of the Cardiff rift and becomes a major plot point later in the series.

  3. My top five – I don’t think there’ve been ten this year.
    Life On Mars scores two – “I’m ‘avin’ oops!” and the bit where Sam is sitting in a horrid curry caff in Rusholme, hears the Smiths and sees the 2006 Curry Mile.
    Doctor Who scores one – the Doctor turning away from the blank wall and walking away from where he lost Rose.
    Lead Balloon scores one – the ‘cancer’ scene.
    Planet Earth scores one – the polar bear at the window.

    • The cancer scene in Lead Balloon is exquisitely written and performed. I watched it again last night. I knew Dee could act (he was surprisingly good in a Reg Hill adaptation the other year) but have been very impressed in this.
      I know you’re not a Curb fan but there is a similar scene where Larry has been persuaded to offer to donate his kidney to a friend, assuming there’s no chance he’ll be compatible, and discovers to his angst that he is a suitable donor.
      I’m disappointed that you’ve not included Ken Korda’s directors commentary on The Mint from Screen Wipes. Or even The Mint itself šŸ˜‰

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