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Bad television is for life, not just for Christmas

When I were a lad Christmas telly were the best viewing of the year.   They showed big films.  They made new episodes of the great comedies and the stars gave up their holiday evenings simply for our entertainment.  Admittedly, sometimes it … Continue reading

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Lockerbie – eighteen years on

I don’t usually do personal stuff on here, so excuse me this.  I am originally from a small town in south west Scotland.  My parents and siblings still live there.  My mother was born and raised in Lockerbie.  Her mother … Continue reading

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Ignorantia juris non excusat

The Statute Law Database went live to the public yesterday (as pointed out by liadnan ). For example, the Requirements of Writing Act 1995 repealed a number of early Scottish statutes on the signing of legal documents.  Despite the repeal … Continue reading

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The TV event of 2006 – Colbert at the WHite House press correspondents dinner

IN gathering my TV highlights of the year the other week I omitted one favourite that I did not see on British television, but only on-line. Every year the White House press corps have a dinner with the President. This … Continue reading

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How many police officers does it take to arrest a former Lord Advocate?

Breaking news: the former Conservative Lord Advocate (senior law officer in Scotland, responsible for criminal prosecutions), Lord Fraser was detained at Dundee airport yesterday after a disturbance on a plane.  No details yet as to the nature of the disturbance (did … Continue reading

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Brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things.

The latest Stevens report is about to be published.  This time Lord Stevens is examining whether some football managers (or others in football) take bungs.  I can exclusively reveal that the report clears the Duke of Edinburgh of any wrongdoing, … Continue reading

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Books of the year – one for Private Eye

Prospect Magazine published its books of the year in the most recent edition.  People were asked for the most over-rated and most under-rated books.  The entry of Angela Lambert (author of A Rather English Marriage and Love AMong the Single … Continue reading

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A brief Sheridan update

The Tomster has started his new radio show “Sunday morning with Citizen Tommy”, broadcast on Talk 107 every Sunday from 10 am (the curious can listen via the Talk 107 website on Sundays). The theme tune for the new show is … Continue reading

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E-petition update

Well, with no new Christmas petition from Cliff Richard the top e-petitions are as follows: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy Peter … Continue reading

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What are the possible Labour/Blair/Levy offences?

One thing the media hasn’t really explored is what the police are attempting to establish.  What are the offences that may have been committed by the relevant Labour players here.  The BBC website suggests two statutes are at play: the … Continue reading

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Protect and survive – a Prime Minister’s guide

On behalf of Field Marshall Dr Styre we present a public information broadcast: Protect and Survive: A Prime Minister’s guide A warning may come quite unexpectedly. We will now tell you what to do if a warning sounds when you … Continue reading

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Goodbye England’s Rose or Bye bye Dodi, oh Di bye bye.

Despite having no sight of the Stevens Report I understand that the findings can be summarised with slogans from public information campaigns .  Regarding Mr Paul Think Before you drink Before you drive Kill your speed.   Not a princess. Regarding Diana and Dodi … Continue reading

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When Wombles attack

From an important House of Lords case (R v Chief Constable of Gloucestershire ex p Laporte) on the right to protest today some excerpts from the speeches follow.  In summary the case indicates that anti-war protestors had a right to … Continue reading

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Fake gameshows

ITV1 response to The Verdict String him up (forthcoming, 2007) To demystify the jury process ITV1 have bought the rights to the forthcoming trial of Chris Langham and any subsequent UK based action against Paul Gadd.  The trial will be … Continue reading

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The Verdict: the press release – the members of the celebrity rape jury

My earlier post on the celebrity rape jury programme, The Verdict, has generated some interest mainly asking who the hell are these people?  Fortunately the Beeb have issued a press release for our information.  They identify the jury members as … Continue reading

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Real fake gameshows : BBC2 to show celebrity rape jury?

The Verdict, coming soon to BBC 2 television, where a celebrity jury decide a rape case.  The jury comprises Lord ARcher, Sarah Payne’s mother, Honor Blackman, Stan Collymore, Patsy Palmer, Michael Portillo, Ingrid Tarrant, Jennifer Ellison (nope, me neither), Jacqueline … Continue reading

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The leader of the free world speaks

Nick Robinson asked George BUsh about his attitude to Iraq last week.  The long meandering and angry reply is accessible here about the ideological struggle between forces who want to live in peace and radicals and extremists (your guess who he … Continue reading

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Meme – Top ten Telly shows of the year

Memery via Rob Buckley who has noted that the AFI have released their list of the top 10 films and TV shows of the year. As the last film my wife and I saw at the cinema was Chicago, mere … Continue reading

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Religious news – was the mug mugged?

Yesterday ITV3 helpfully broadcast Rumpole and the age of miracles – where Horace represents his nephew in the ecclesiastical court.  The nephew (played by Martin Jarvis) was at risk of being defrocked as a result of conduct unbecoming a clergyman … Continue reading

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The 14 second review: haiku

Today’s television review is based on the popular ITV staple, “An audience with” which on Saturday featured Lionel Ritchie (I had been quite excited at the thought of it being Lionel Blair – for Humph related reasons – as my … Continue reading

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