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Breaking news – New Dutch ban hits hard

The new Dutch ban on the burqa has run into trouble with condemnation from the Gods of Ragnarok Advertisements

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The fifteen minute review – Strictly Confidential

As I mentioned the other day the excellent Rob Buckley sets standards too high for most TV viewers.  Giving programmes an opportunity he waits for weeks before offering his views, and then making use of his patented Carusometer.  Sometimes, though, … Continue reading

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Doing the honours

Yates of the Yard has spoken ( a bit) and things are hotting up for the senior politicos.  According to Five LIve a couple of minutes ago the good Assistant Commissioner indicates that crucial evidence is “not yet in the … Continue reading

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New e-petitions

To recognise Jedi knights as a religion on a par with Christianity and Islam. The petitioner asserts, “The belief of Jedi Knights in ‘the Force’ is no more irrational than any other religious belief – but with less bigotry.” Also … Continue reading

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Don’t have nightmares now – when little old ladies go bad

Police seek criminal gang inspired by TV’s The Real Hustle.

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The introduction of e-petitions to 10 Downing Street has prompted much national rejoicing. The petitions ask the Prime Minister to: stay until 2009;replace her gracious majesty with a president;stand on his head and juggle ice cream; (7 signatories at time of … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

 Dennis Skinner, on the command from Black Rod for the commons to attend the House of Lords, “Have you got Helen Mirren on standby?”

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Fayed contributes to Scottish politics

The SNP rejected a cash offer from MOhammed Fayed yesterday indicating they are clearly in the pay of the fugging Duke of Edinburgh and MIs5 and 6 and Neil Hamilton and Tiny Rowland.  Feudal landowner Fayed argued that “You have … Continue reading

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Queen to attend Bond premiere

Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth (famously portrayed on the big screen by Janette Charles and Jane Tennyson)  is to attend the premiere of Casino Royale, it has been reported.   “One was terribly disappointed to learn that David Niven was not … Continue reading

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Bono duets with Kylie

Thanks to the Beeb for sharing that information.  Sadly they don’t identify which one is Bono in the picture accompanying the piece.  Is he the one on the left or the one on the right of Ethel Merman?

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The 3 minute review Number 1 – cirque de celebrite

The rather informative Rob Buckley blog in reviewing new telly programmes waits until the third (or later) episode before running a balanced and considered review.  Such devotion to standards is inappropriate for the type of tat I’ll consider so in an … Continue reading

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Whiter shade of pale – after they get the lawyers fees

So, there’s a legal dispute about who wrote the music for “Whiter shade of pale”.  Successful litigation by the keyboard bloke will mean the lyricists look for new music. As so ably demonstrated many years ago by the late Willie … Continue reading

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The face of comedy

As exclusively revealed by scientists at the University of Stirling – the face of comedy He looks a bit like that bloke that does the telly on GMTV.  He isn’t funny, so something must have gone wrong in the research. … Continue reading

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You and I, I and you. Lots and lots for I to do.

Today in Dizzy thinks there is a heartfelt challenge to the Prime Minister’s poor grammar. In the register of members’ interests Mr Blair has written “following official talks with the King of Jordan, the King provided return air travel from … Continue reading

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The Act of Union

The Scottish Executive today announced that the tercentenary of the Act of Union – unifying the English and Scottish Parliaments – will be marked by a series of events organised by the Executive.  However, the commemorative events will only commence … Continue reading

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Wilfred Owen

On 8th November 1918 WIlfred Owen was buried, 4 days after he was killed, 3 days before the armistice.  The day after his death it was announced that Owen was to be promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant.  On 8th … Continue reading

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This post is inspired by a post on Iain Dale’s diary asking if bankruptcy is too easy? I don’t often post about law on the LJ.  However, the following has been concerning me. One of my research interests is the … Continue reading

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Lanark: a Book review – courtesy of Will Self

“I owe my life to this book. In 1984 I was marooned in the Roehampton Limb- fitting Centre, the victim of a bizarre hit-and-run accident, whereby an out of control invalid carriage ran me over several times. The specialists all … Continue reading

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Fox gets it right – the sad demise of a chubby funster

The American elections are upon us and recent years may have indicated that the judgment of our American cousins should be questioned.  Occasionally though they get things right – like when Fantasia won American Idol (with a wonderful version of … Continue reading

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Fake gameshows

The XY Factor ITV 1, 2007 Kate Thornton hosts this special gender realignment based edition of The X factor where the judges, Simon Callow, Louis Walsh, and Sharon Osbourne, determine which of the singing stars in front of them are … Continue reading

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