The one minute 28 seconds review

This is the latest in a series of instant reviews of TV programmes ignoring the example of Rob Buckley in his excellent TV blog where a minimum of 3 episodes are considered before rushing to judgment on televisual experiences.  The length of my tolerance varies from show to show.  

Tonight one minute and twenty eight seconds on

BBC News 24 sports news at quarter to nine.

Blow me, it’s Matthew Pinsent doing the sports news.  As someone who stayed up to the early hours when Redgrave won his fifth gold medal in Sydney listening to Alan Green on Five Live urging the nation to stand up for Matthew Pinsent and Raise the roof for the greatest Olympian of all time; and who was moved by the FIve Live interview between Nicky Campbell (so, it was having to work hard to move me with the odious former gameshow host smugly wittering), Pinsent and Alex (?) Partridge who was unable to compete in Athens due to a lung problem, the sight of Matthew Pinsent clutching a sheaf of papers and looking hopelessly out of his depth, despite his old boy public school and Oxbridge charm, is one of the saddest sights of modern telly.  That he couldn’t successfully pronounce the name of Kieran Fallon (which I have no doubt spelt incorrectly, but then I’m not on the telly despite the excellence of Only Fools in hearses) on any of the three occasions he attempted it in the 1 minute and 28 seconds I watched, made it worse.  That his autocue was obviously out of action and he was struggling to glance at his papers without appearing to look at his papers made the whole thing rather pathetic: like watching Peter Schmeichel or Ian Wright attempting expert analysis of a football game; or Fiona Phillips or Quentin Wilson on Strictly Come Dancing.  I can’t imagine Britain’s other greatest Olympian, Daley Thompson, struggling before a camera on a barely watched station just to make ends meet.  So, why is Pinsent doing it?  Is he learning the ropes in front of the usual News 24 audience of three men and a dog, waiting for the hard hitting Andrew Neil interview?  And if he is doing this, at least have the decency to spare his shame by burying his fumblings in the middle of the night when non-one watches aside from Mark Lawson when he wants to write about 24 hours news for the G2 section of The Guardian.  And to think I skipped from Tom Baker rambling and appearing bemused by the ignorance of the contestants on Fort Boyard on FTN for that. (sample T Baker cryptic question this evening, “ONe good what deserves another, in other words an act” which prompted the Dumb Britain answer, “A friend” leading Tom to sigh in an exasperated fashion and put on his best Book Tower face).

Anyway, later on News 24, England’s most successful footballer Sir Bobby Charlton demonstrates where Suzanne learned her weather presentation skills.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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