Fake game shows

The Secret Milliner

Sarah Smith goes undercover in the new More 4 gameshow. Unknown to her loyal viewers on More 4, who catch Sarah saying good night just before The Daily Show starts, Sarah has many hidden talents – including a fabulous capacity for hat-making, hence the title. As a spin off from The Secret Millionaire it was decided to send Sarah to different rural backwaters, skulk around for a few days, and decide which of the local yokels needed a new hat. The programme ends with many tears as Sarah hands over her newly designed hat to a local, who looks overwhelmed with joy that someone from a metropolitan area has deigned to visit the area, better still show them on television. Some scenes are eerily reminiscent of David Attenborough meeting that tribe in Papua New Guinea in that footage that’s always dragged out when he wins a prize.

Russell The Davies admits that the early footage inspired him to ask Chris “Born and Bred” Chibnal to write “Countrycide” in Torchwood.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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