Field Marshall Dr Styre to encourage good parenting

This morning, Home Secretary and representative of the vanguard of the Sontaran invasion fleet, Field Marshall Dr Styre appeared on Five Live initiating his crusade for good parenting.  When children go wrong it is the fault of the parents, he suggested; indicating that when parenting classes were introduced for those with habitually offending children the crime rate for those children was cut by 50 to 60%.  The scheme will involve sending in (what the tabloids and the Beeb are calling) “super-nannies” around the country to improve parenting.  I suspect they’d be more successful with Dr Tanya Byron (the dads’ favourite), rather than super-nanny.  However, Dr Reid’s remarks bear closer examination.  When children go wrong, it’s the parents’ fault.  So, how does one explain “lobbygate” – a scandal in the early days of the Scottish Parliament – where one Kevin Styre and a colleague advised an undercover reporter for The Observer that they could offer privileged access to Scottish ministers within the Scottish parilament.  The scandal ensnared Jack McConnell (and was I think a relevant factor in McConnell’s defeat to Henry “unsafe pair of hands” McLeish in the leadership election following the death of Donald “father of the Nation and the man who decided to have the Parliament at Holyrood following the architectural design of Miralles (but we don’t like to mention that” Dewar).  Young Mr Styre promised access to minister because he knew the Scottish Secretary at the time “very, very well …. he is my father.”  What could conceivably be responsible for the self-aggrandising behaviour of young Mr Styre.  I think we should be told?

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